About Kacey

Hi. I’m Kacey. I’m an introvert and I enjoy writing. Thanks for stopping by. If you go back through the archives, you’ll see an in-depth look at how I spent my 20s. Later, I got married to an adorable, bearded man named Brian in 2010, and together we have two adorable dogs named Harper and Remy. I live in close proximity to baby goats, buffalo, and the historical property of Ulysses S. Grant. I may never move.

I’m an avid historian, with absurd knowledge of the Busch family brewing history, the Kennedy’s, and several other family dynasties. I find their stories fascinating…don’t even get me started!  Also a big fan of online shopping, antiques, paper products, interior decorating, antlers, mid-century lifestyles, and iced tea. I almost always second-guess myself which helps me remain very logical.  I hate lazy people, and I stay up late.

I also enjoy taking photographs, which aids this hobby of ensuring my life is documented. It’s something my mom did before me (except in VHS), and maybe I’ll pass that importance along to a future Schaeffer one day. You can find some of my work @ http://www.purposelysidetracked.smugmug.com. Support the cause by purchasing your favorites!


2 thoughts on “About Kacey

  1. Hey Homegirl,

    Just wanted to say…I’m really glad you do this. Makes this brain of mine think like it’s in your head. TOMMY LIKEY.

    Love you!

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