Second Quarter TPS Reports

I just realized it’s been three months since I’ve updated this trusty blog.  I’m embarrassed.  I don’t even know where to begin, so I’m going to try and discuss all the great things that have been happening in bite-size pieces….bullet points because that’s what I seem to be doing a lot of lately.

  • My job as the Director of Marketing has been challenging and rewarding.  I’ve been working my flat ass off!  Seven months in, and going strong.  I get to do challenging work, I learn something new every day, and I am making a lot of progress in a short time not only in Marketing, but in business analysis, customer segmentation, and helping form a new sales and marketing strategy for business development.  My VP of Sales calls me “Pistol”.  I’m thinking about getting that tooled into a leather belt.
  • My oldest and dearest friend, Kerri, just took her final medical boards exams yesterday, and graduated from urology residency last month…10 years of hard work, blood, sweat, tears, and no sleep.  She’s now about to start her attending career at KU Med Center and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  I wanted to give a speech at her party, but I cried before I even started talking.  #cantgivespeecheswithouttears
  • And speaking of badasses, I want to give some props to all my lady homies lately.  I have friends who are growing and raising babies, working full-time, running companies and school districts, traveling the world, succeeding at their own businesses, lawyering the shit out of things, saving lives, teaching and counseling people in need, and generally being wonder women.  I’m quite proud of all my gals.
  • I had back surgery on March 31.  Long story short, they snipped off a piece of my spine that was compressing a nerve.  They called it a “decompression”…makes sense, no?  For about two years I had a lot of pain in my left hip and down into my leg, and the fine folks at Laser Spine Institute really patched me up.  I walked out of the surgery building that same day, and had a solid 12 weeks of very mobile recovery.  So thankful for the relief of chronic pain.
  • I’ve taken less photos in the past eight months than what is normal for me, but what I’ve not taken in my personal time I’ve made up for on the professional side.  I took some fantastic head shots for people at work, and I’ve been slowly building a portfolio of stock images for our marketing materials and website.  The fact that I actually get to take the photos we will use as a company, and that I am in the position to decide how they are used (sales pieces, office art, and generally everything you want proprietary images for in the marketing world) is pretty rad.
  • I did, however, just get all my photos from the last year updated on Smugmug.  Check the link at the top to browse around.  More to come under Travel/Trips.
  • My little brother Colton is growing up.  He has been accepted to Lindenwood University in St. Charles, and I am so excited to have him nearby and out of the Higginsville/Warrensburg scene.  Both Brian and I are looking forward to having him close so we can spend more time together and experience a lot of the fun things St. Louis has to offer. And so he can do his laundry for free.
  • I mentioned a while back that my husband and I are going on an Ireland adventure, and we have only 2 days left before we depart with my in-laws.  Can’t. Wait.  We’re staying in some awesome places, and I will be trying to blog while on our trip.  I plan to take about 8,390 photos, so just get on board and enjoy the trip with me via Instagram.  Did I mention we’re staying at the Ambassador’s residence?  No big deal….just kidding, it’s a huge fucking deal.  Brian and I are so excited we can barely stand it, dahlings.  I’ll tell the story of why we get to do such a thing once we get there, so stay right there on the edge of your seats.
  • Kerri, my friend who’s a doctor from a few bullet points up, will be in Ireland with her entire family the same time we will!  A happy coincidence indeed, almost too good to be true.
  • July is basically the best month to be born.  Three nephews, my father-in-law, my grandmother-in-law, my own precious mother, and my sweet husband have all turned another year older.  I will turn the page on year 31 in a week. Seems like a good omen or something to start year 32 in such a beautiful place.
  • We sent our puppies away for two weeks to Higginsville on Wednesday, so they could get some exercise and stick together while we were overseas.  These nights without them have been hard, but probably harder on us than them.  They are running around lawless and jumping in ponds!  We’ll survive….I guess.

In all my time spent not blogging because I’m writing so much at work, I do read far more than I ever have on many different subjects.  I’ve been saving some links that made an impression on me.  Maybe you will too!

Writing is simply monotonous, repetitive work.

Dooce sums up the whole blogging thing in 2015 – It’s just not the same as it once was, and I know my hiatus had something to do with the overkill of social media and marketing tactics people are using today.  I’m directing the marketing for my company, but I am so over people trying to sell me things I don’t want.  This blog for me will continue to be a journal of my life, the fun things I do, and a place to comment on things that resonate with me.  So take that, sponsored content!

270 Reasons Women Choose Not to Have Children.  My reason #271 would be that I haven’t felt a strong feeling either way, and so I remain on the fence.

This one touches my heart a little.  Mainly because I know someone incarcerated at a prison similar to the one where Jeff Ross roasted the inmates.  I applaud his efforts, and I appreciate the glimpse into a comedian’s thoughts after this experience.

I’m stressed just reading this.  

Ryan Dunn…ain’t gone as long as he shines…I really liked this guy.

Nancy Sinatra throws a great party.

D.G. wins again.  Can’t wait for his August show in STL.