A Long December. And January. And Weekend Reads.

A lot has happened in two months of my writing hiatus.  Let’s start with “no, I’m not pregnant” just to clear that up.  I know I totally just caught some of you wondering….busted!  Give me another year or so.

Christmas break 2014 was pretty fucking great.  I can’t lie.  I slept in a lot.  I went to the barn and rode Chance once a week or so.  Hired a lovely woman to hang grasscloth wallpaper in my hallway after three years of waiting to have it done.  I shopped for all Christmas gifts before December 10, attended seven Christmas celebrations, and grew my bangs out.  Well, they are still growing out, technically.  The house is clean, and organized.  I also started taking down Christmas decorations on December 23 because I was ready to be done with the holidays.  Might have been cabin fever.  Going minimal for a while.

The week before Christmas, I sent out the first networking email I’ve ever sent in my life, and received several positive comments and leads in return.  The email explained in polite terms that I was actively looking for employment in certain fields, and at certain companies with my resume and strengths listed.  I even linked it to my LinkedIn profile.  Gag!  A few weeks later, I found this article telling people do just what I did AFTER I already did it. I’m a trendsetter and will be taking full credit for being ahead of that curve (Rachael – just like me in middle school).  A’thank you.

Point is, I landed a pretty great job without having to look too far, and I helped myself get to the right place at the right time.  I started my new job as Director of Marketing on January 2, and it has been fantastically challenging. I have been busy since the moment I sat down at my new desk, but it’s work I enjoy, and where I’m valued.

With my first month behind me, I have committed to some big goals and yes, I have some righteous anxiety about showing everyone my worth.  I’m my own worst critic.  I’m working on rebranding our corporate materials, developing a style guide, encircling our growing branch network into our corporate culture, and GSDing my way through a million different things, basically.  I can’t complain.  The people I work with are genuine.  My commute to work is seven minutes.  SEVEN.  And that’s only if I catch all five stoplights in the two mile stretch.  I count myself lucky to have the past few months work out as well as they have.  2015 is going to be a good year; I just know it.

Even though I’ve been swamped busy, I haven’t neglected to remember the good things I’ve read lately.  Here are a few of those gems I wanted to share:

Never Check Email Before Noon (And Other Thoughts on Doing Your Best Work) – I’m considering it.  But it would cut into my social emailing.  

Is Therapy Really Worth It? 7 Questions People Who See a Shrink Are Tired of Hearing

17 Times Dave Grohl Was Totally Right About Everything.  All day, every day.

Bad news for Rabobank

Obama Predicts Bright Future For Weed 

A Surprisingly Easy Way to Get Rid of Static Cling  – I haven’t tested this in full yet, but I have high hopes.

Kennedy photos up for auction soon!  

Peasants!  I’ll f*#@ing own you! – Can someone throw this kid in jail, if nothing else but for being a total blemish on society?

T. Swift’s Secrets – I think she’s not the super awesome friendly girl she plays in the media.  Something about my empathic nature tells me she may be a sociopath.