Weekend Reads

Sometimes I want to get lost in the internet, to learn, and to read.  Regroup.  The links below are some food for thought during those times.  

4 Good Reasons to Cancel Your Weekly Staff Meeting.  From one person who goes to too many meetings to another.

How to be friends with a woman.  Cut the crap.

Because someday, this day will come.  And it will suck like no other.

Ladies, take note:  Women fare worse in salary negotiations, so let’s just stop.

Coincidentally, I used some of these three simple ways to keep your composure in the last few days.  More on that in a bit.

How to Make Your Wardrobe More Efficient.  Less is more, probably.

Dummies continue to amaze me with their level of passion for something they know nothing about.  Thank you Jimmy, for this delightful video.

Soft Skills You Need for a Successful Career.  Decency will get you places.

I’ve pinned a decent amount of stuff.  If you’re interested, take a gander.