#TruthGunTuesday – 30 September 2014

I’ve been extremely behind lately. So much so that I’ve blinked and September is gone. I have yet to combine two of my favorite things (wait for it…), but seeing that I have so much I want to weigh an opinion on, and I’ve got a booked schedule of weeknights and weekends until November, here is a #TruthGunTuesday by the numbers:

29:  Items of clothing I ironed tonight.

2:  Weeks worth of clothing that was.

2:  Harry Potter BluRays I watched while doing so.

2,387:  Times I’ve probably watched Harry Potter films in my life.

1:  More day until I don’t have to work for five whole days.

8:  Hours it will take my husband, myself, his brother, and his wife to drive to the wedding we will be attending in Door County, Wisconsin.  Jenny, I’m looking at you for suggestions.

2:  Puppies that will be going to stay at Grandma Diane’s for that time.  One gentle and quiet, the other loud and bouncy.  Good luck, Grandma!

6:  Armed guards we’ll have covering our house while we’re away.  Don’t bring that shit up in here!

1:  Polo match I attended a few weeks ago.  Basically the coolest thing I’ve seen related to horses ever.

2:  The number of polo matches I would like to attend during the 2015 season.  Taking names for those who want to join me.

18:  Years old my little brother will be turning next week.  I blinked again.  And then I asked if he had gotten a fake ID yet.

2:  Sessions I’ve gotten scheduled for family photos in the next few weeks.  Busy busy!

350:  Photos I must upload to my SmugMug site from the last month.

500:  Photos I assume to have by the end of the wedding/road trip extravaganza.  It’s going to to be so fun.

55:  Degrees Farenheit will be the average temperature while we’re there.  I.  Can’t.  Wait.

9:  Doors I still need to apply the final coat of black paint to before I can call the door painting project complete.

4:  Doors have been totally completed.

0:  Probability I’ll get them done during my time off Thursday.

0:  Walls of wainscoting I have painted.  See the one above.

1:  Parade I rode in with my husband and the 1952 Chevy pickup, modeled after the original Schaeffer Electric service trucks.  Likely the first of many.