Oh, me.

Okay. Today, I did something that required a fair amount of courage. So much so, that I spent hours upon hours preparing. Upon hours. With multiple edits and saves.

I took a step out on the ledge, put myself out there, and sent out an unsolicited email to my friends and family with a link to my photography site. If you didn’t receive the email, you may be a total stranger. Or I didn’t have your email. It also has a link to this blog on there. Really trying to represent on social media in 2014, folks. Except on Facebook because I think it may be the devil.

The advertisement of my biggest hobby took a fair amount of courage. I think I’ve been spending these past few years in fear of doing or saying the wrong thing, especially on this site, afraid I would offend someone or seem preachy. This is a continual internal argument, and after several months and a pretty quiet summer here at Purposely Sidetracked, I’ve decided to go a little easier on myself. About lots of things. And I’m going to stop teasing future posts that may never happen because I really just have to stop doing that. (Here are some pics from my birthday in July, as promised….

The first step was introducing people I love and respect to my photography, for reals, and then opening this blog up to a bigger audience which I assume will happen because people are curious by nature. I know I am. That said, I hope you like what you read. Know that most things on here are meant to be sarcastic, sort of funny in a self-depricating way, and I talk about the things I do because I hope that they resonate with others. If you think I’m being ridiculous, or sound pompous, you’re probably right.