To have or not to have. That is my perpetual question.

To The Women Who Choose Not To Have Kids.  Gosh, this ranks up there as one of the better articles I’ve read on the subject of not having children.  Still not sure, although today I’m about 72% sure that I don’t want kids.  But that’s just today.

I Don’t Want Children.  This one is also good.  I do get tired of that look and comment people make that combines “are you insane?” with “you’re just being dumb, children are priceless treasures”.

The 5 Best NEW Pieces Of Relationship Advice We’ve Heard.  While I’m at it, here’s this too.  I love a lot of these because they make common, practical sense.

2 thoughts on “To have or not to have. That is my perpetual question.

  1. There is nothing wrong with not having kids. Everyone has to do what works best for them regardless of what other people think you should do. Adam and I were lucky that we did not get a lot of pressure from the families. They both told us that they thought we were not going to have kids when we announced that we were expecting last year. For me personally, life with a baby is good….but life without her was also good.

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