Truth Gun Tuesday – 15 April 14

Even in the fresh air of the spring season slowly creeping towards us, I remain anxious.  But much better lately.  I’d almost call it a “good” anxious.  Feeling “good” anxious is more about wanting to hurry up and do the dozen things I want to accomplish with the house, Brian, my life, etc.  This week’s truth gun will feature things making me anxious lately, with the hope of a mid-year resolution or completion:

1.  Wanting to paint all the interior doors in our house, like, yesterday.
2.  I’ve been saving my pennies and will be hiring a cleaning person to come do a massive spring clean.  Mainly because I just really don’t want to do it.
3.  My pal Rachel and I will be making our annual trek to Sarasota in two short weeks.  I need to lose a few more pounds, run a few more miles, and probably do a few more pushups for good measure.  #can’tbeonvacationsoonenough #beachseasonisnotforgiving
4.  Wanting to refinish the countertops in the kitchen.  But while I’m at it, I should just repaint the cabinets too.  Weekend project?  I  think so.
5.  I am fed up with my job right now.  Feeling unsettled and undervalued causes me a lot of worry and anxiety and I worry about the next chapter in my life…what it might hold for me professionally.  I’m hopeful for a short-term resolution.  This does not figure into the “good” anxiety, just to clarify.
6.  Hire someone to refinish and paint the dental trim/fascia boards and metal lattice work on the exterior of our house.  Brian, I’m also going to have the garage door painted black to match everything.  Love you!
7.  Wallpaper the hallway, and possibly more.  Grasscloth all the way.
8.  Playing enough golf to establish a handicap by the end of the summer so I’m not a total amateur at the club, dahling.

Surely I’m not the only one out there feeling spring fever to GSD.  I can’t wait to document some of these projects in the coming months and keep myself accountable by actually saying this stuff out loud.  Keep me honest, friends.