Truth Gun Tuesday | 8 April 2014

I recently purchased a pair of these pants.  They are simultaneously the most ugly, roomy, and awesome pants I’ve ever spent $30 on.  There is so much room for activities!

I’ve also recently purchased these things:

Pencil Skirt – got to step it up at work.  #bizcasualisnolongercasual
Jorts – my first pair in years…they were on sale.  Don’t judge me…
Tunic #1 – they are my new jam.
Tunic #2 – although I’m told I look like a hair stylist while wearing it.  Touché.
Tunic #3 – for the pool.
Unnecessary Xterra accessory – because why wouldn’t we?
Naya summer sandals – I can’t quit this shoe brand.

Truth is I love online shopping.