Things I’ve been reading on the internet.

Spoiler Alert:  I read a LOT from Huffington Post.

I spoke with my therapist this week about feeling kind of down, and re-reading these from a while ago made me feel a little better.  I’m working on feeling less baggigity now that the weather is warming up, I’m running with the dogs through our beautiful neighborhood, and my mood is being lifted.  Magic!

I feel confident I fit each of these descriptions about highly sensitive people.   I also took the self test, and checked 18.

Dave Grohl needs to be MORE places, if you’re asking me.  And you are.

We all like a cocktail now and then.  Might as well do it right.

Cheers to United Airlines.  Jeers to you people who insist that ALL of your bags are carry-ons.  Guess what?  They aren’t, you cheap bastards.  If you have money to get on an airplane, you have $25 more bucks to not cause a total nuisance for other passengers who just want to get the hell into their window seat,  not speak to anyone, and read the five magazines just procured before takeoff without someone dropping a bag that doesn’t fit in the overhead bins on a stranger when you should’ve just checked the gd thing in the first place.   Some people…

35 Things a Stylish Woman Should Have in her 30s.  I do agree, dahling.

This little blurb made me want to get off the couch, even when I just don’t wanted to be lazy.  I love this blog; she has really positive things to say and perspectives on living a good life.

11 Things All Insanely Stylish People Do inspired me.  Maybe it will inspire you too.

By the same token, What to Wear is a pretty good resource blog.  I also loved 10 Second Styling Tips Every Woman Should Know.  I even wore my scarf untied today to work over an all black outfit with black pointed d’orsay kitten heels.  Boom.

I would like to read this.  But, then I’ll be a 30-year-old nerd who signed up for Pottermore just to get the latest scoop!  There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

I’ve just recently discovered these awesome sites Byrdie, Domaine Home, CocoCozy, and Lonny (especially the celebrity homes section).  I may be late to the party, but I dig them.  Peruse at your leisure!

Articles like this from a really ignorant person have a lot of firepower in the minds of other really ignorant people who have no real sense of farm animal welfare.  Breaking news:  production agriculture isn’t pretty…otherwise everyone would do it.  Don’t even get me started.

I applaud this “pothead mom” in many ways, but mainly for bringing a sound voice to the discussion around what will happen when marijuana is legalized across the U.S., from a mother who would smoke a joint like she’d have a glass of wine, both of which are 100% legal in the state she resides.  Weed for thought…Legalize it!

#12 on this list helped me today.  I found value in most of the tips discussed.

My pal Randy and I love Toto.  More specifically, we like blessing the rains down in Africa.  Every once in a while, we’ll hear the song and text, “Blessin’ ’em”.  It’s sort of like a cyber high-five for Randy and I, even though she resides in Boca Raton, Florida and I’m here in St. Louis.  She’s the one good friend I kept from my year in West Palm Beach, and I have a special place in this cold, cold heart of mine when we get these little texts that make us giggle, think of one another, and then go on with our day.  We also have a standing invite to either the beach or the glamorous Midwest.  I’m fortunate to call this Floridian my friend for many more reasons, but who wouldn’t want to receive this gem first thing in the morning?

This video is terrifying in several ways but it really made me laugh.  My most favorite part is a combination of the concert on the stack of books, the come-hither librarian and the lead singer wanting to get on down to Africa for some jungle fever…if you know what I mean, OR the pensive book burning, subtly titled “Africa”.  Just…a lot. going. on. there.  Thanks for blessin’ ’em with us if you made it through that entire video.  You should get a prize.

Coincidently, My pal Beth and I also love Toto and Africa, which reminds me of this mind-blowing a capella group.  Perpetuum Jazzile!   Bet you did not see that coming.