UPDATED: In the Moat: Bidding 2013 Adieu

The Queen, in her annual Christmas message to her British subjects, talked about time for reflection in one’s life as this year comes to a close.  This message struck me as rather unlike how the dutiful, always controlled Queen is typically portrayed and I was intrigued.  I have spent the past several days being quiet, and taking her advice.  I thought about what to write about the end of the year, and concluded that the ending of 2013 should be a little less serious and little more honest and funny.  Naturally, I went to the Internet.  I trusted Tumblr to help find some “about me” questions so I could answer on this blog as a way to reflect on this past year and found that I was, indeed, not 10 years old.  I had to get a little more creative than what I found…the question “Have you kissed a boy?” doesn’t apply any longer.  I hope you enjoy the facts below, and good luck in 2014, in whatever comes your way.

  1. Worst habits:  blogging late at night when I’m sleepy and don’t proofread my rambling, and then having to redo posts out of embarassment.  Picking off my nail polish.  Drinking Pepsi.  Slouching.
  2. Five things that irritate me about people:  Waiters who don’t make eye contact.  People who clip their nails anywhere outside of a bathroom over a trashcan.  People who put marathon stickers on their cars (26.2, etc.).  People who aren’t accountable.  When my husband throws open the curtains in the mornings to wake me up.
  3. Something you don’t know about me:  I honestly wanted to be a country music singer as a young child.  Big dreams!
  4. How I’d spend $25,000 tomorrow:  I’d push our kitchen out towards the backyard, redesign and update to have more space and include an screened-in porch.
  5. Three things we accomplished on the house in 2013:  Installed 12 recessed lights in the den, sitting room, and dining room; finished painting and decorating the man bathroom downstairs, planted a successful garden of flowers and herbs that lived all season.
  6. Three goals for the house in 2014:  Painting all external metal lattice work and doors black, purchase new rugs for the den, refinish kitchen countertops.
  7. One person I’d throw off a cliff:  Anyone on a Real Housewives show.  Justin Bieber.  Courtney Stodden.  I can’t name just one.
  8. Something I do without realizing it:  I bite the insides of my lips and I do this fluttery eye roll thing.
  9. Six things I want to do before kicking the bucket:  Hike the Grand Canyon and the Zion Narrows again.  Visit Europe several times.  See all the museums in Washington, D.C. and the Kennedy Library in Boston.  Become a moderately skilled green-blue skier.  Take an English riding lesson.  See an episode of Saturday Night Live in person.
  10. Five things found in my cube at work:  a small canvas picture of Audrey Hepburn, a gold tray, a very tiny space heater which is illegal, lucite tape dispenser and stapler, a German beer stein I use for my iced tea, and the better part of my 20s.
  11. Favorite collection:  My antler collection is just getting better and better.  I love my growing library, and my salt and pepper shaker collection is pretty rad.  I also must mention the vintage cameras, owned by my grandparents and parents, passed on to me.    Those are pretty special.
  12. Five hobbies/interests:  Taking pictures of buildings and nature.  Horseback riding.  Running with my doggies.  Researching notorious families.  Playing and winning Scrabble games.
  13. Style icons:  Jackie Kennedy, my pal Jillian, Carla Bruni Sarkozy, Jenna Lyons, my first professional mentor Nora.
  14. Favorite thing to shop for:  I’m an online shopping guru.  Shoes, clothes, home goods, books, dog stuff, horse stuff.
  15. Summer goals:  Attend a polo match.  Play tennis 10 times.  Feel good in a swimsuit.  Play five rounds of golf.
  16. Overrated in 2013:  Miley Cyrus, social media, 50 Shades of Gray (never read it), Kimye, American Hustle (good acting, terrible and long storyline).