Snow, snow, snoooowwwww.

It’s snowing here at Purposely Sidetracked.  I forget every year, and every year I gasp at the fun snow that falls while reading.  It’s one of the small things that make me love this blog, and writing in December.   I have lots of things to talk about and pictures to show off, so this snow is just the perfect incentive to GSD.

I feel a little more put together lately, but the anxiety monster is still lurking in the shadows.  This evening, for example, had me in a panic attack on the way home thinking about all the decorating I needed to do while my mom was coming over to help me.  It was likely left over from the stressful day I had helping some ungrateful colleagues out with a presentation.  Some “small edits” took up my entire day.

Having my mom there to bring me back down to Earth and help decorate for the season after a yucky day was easy, and enjoyable.  Together, we styled three mantles and lit the tree, leaving Brian and I to spend tomorrow going through our ornament boxes, making sappy comments about all the trips we’ve taken as we hang Christmas-themed memories/ornaments on the tree.

I should care to mention something special about my mom.  She “retired” last week, and I want to publicly acknowledge the hard work, determination, and sass she’s put into decades of work; not only as a full time farmer’s wife and mom to my sisters and I when we were young, but as a small business owner, employee, and patron, and also a retail customer service guru who was always thinking of others before herself.  My mom is the greatest, and I couldn’t be more pleased to have her retired and able to spend much more time with her family who loves her.  Tonight was just the start of that, fingers crossed.   So proud of you, Diane!

Anywho, aside from my house looking like a festive wonderland, there is a lot of change swirling around me right now.  I’m hoping for a change in jobs (officially) by the end of the year, a change in Brian’s role has been foundering for a while and we’re waiting for the next step on that, holiday shopping, birthdays, and parties also have our calendars filled until 2014 it seems.  Brian and I plan to change our status quo money budgeting in the new year, and that is making me a little anxious too, although I know it’s something we have to do as grown-ups who want expensive things…you have to plan for them!  Who knew?

I’ve been taking a lot of pictures, more of people lately than things.  I will be doing some posting of those pics (some Canon, some iPhone) very soon.  But for now, I must hit the hay.  More tomorrow!