The Menagerie

Now that we’re home from our relaxing vacation on Kiawah Island and Charleston, South Carolina, my husband and I can get back to a routine that now includes “my” new horse, Duck…

(Forgive the bad quality)

(Forgive the bad quality – barn lighting is sub par.)

… along with our second newest addition, Remy Ranger Schaeffer (rug left) and last, but certainly not least in our hearts, Harper Williams Schaeffer.

(Forgive the bad quality)

(Forgive the bad quality – getting them to hold still while I get a camera is next to impossible so I take these when I can get them.)

My mom watched her granddog Harper all week, and Remy was left in the care of her Aunt Rachel.   Remy and Dave had a great time together!  Remy even came home knowing all her commands much better and with no accidents thus far!  Thanks Aunt Rachel for taking such good care of our little girl!  And Grandma Diane, Harper wanted me to tell you how much he enjoyed the pancakes and peanut butter you offered him.  He loves the Grandma’s House Diet.

With both our pups back to us on Friday, we were so excited to snuggle them.    On a short training note, Remy now sits, says “hi” by shaking, lies down, and will get in her crate and sit when we say “crate!”.  She is truly a good little puppy and we love her so.  We still look at her every day and ask, “what ARE you?” because she has a hint of so many breeds.  My current assumption regarding her genetic mix are that of an Australian Shepard, German Shepard, with a dash of Malamute.  We are seriously crazy about her, especially now that she and Harper are really starting to act like brother and sister.  They love each other one moment, and hate each other the next.  Things are at peace in the Rock Forest puppy kennel for now.

The Sunday after we returned, I spent several hours at the barn working with Duck.  He has somewhat grown in infamy, as some of the other boarders have told me.  I get the impression he’s very “spirited” and is well on his way to being the alpha male in his group of geldings.  We had a nice session in the round pen (thanks to stable manager Mo for working with him while I was away) and then went through some “ground work” (that’s stuff you do while on foot with the horse).  Once I felt good about his attitude, I hopped aboard and rode for another two hours around the property.  I am excited at the prospect of fall at the barn; the entire place is covered in woods, trails, and streams to get lost in.

Duck is making solid progress into not being such an ass.  He now likes the apples I bring, and is doing great standing while I’m grooming or saddling him.  Each time we ride we get fewer temperatmental bucks; yesterday there was only one!  Small victories.  This feeling of progress is keeping me fulfilled and happy.  I feel exhausted when I leave the barn, knowing I just worked my tail off AND his, and curious of what the next visit will bring.  He’s a pistol, and I’m taking every advantage I can.  I’m a lucky girl to have a horse, and I know it.

Stay tuned for more progress reports, pictures, and stories.  Oh, and all those Kiawah Island pics are on their way too!

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  1. Duck sounds like my kind of horse….slightly opinionated but quick to learn. In the past I evented and I found this temperament to be the best for eventing, especially if the horse was confident and not spooky. Good luck with him.

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