Thirty Quips | #6-1

As my birthday creeps nearer this late eve (in just five hours), I am reflecting on what I had hoped would be a great series of posts leading up to July 25.  It didn’t happen that way.  July has been a total whirlwind of good things – family parties, trips around Missouri, and the addition of a horse to our menagerie,  to name a few.  Those good things have filled up our weeknights and weekends.  It may sound silly, but finding the time to concentrate on a blog post has been hard to come by.  Trying to get 30 quips written has made me anxious.  I feel as if I’ve let someone down by only getting to #6.   I have thought about missing my goal for several days now.

Silly as that notion is since this is a personal blog and I can do whatever the hell I want, I dwell on things like that.  I hope you’ll forgive me for making this a six-of-one post but I see no other good option that will make me less anxious.  My daily struggle lately is a bevy of rational and irrational things – remembering and eloquently writing things I want to share, constantly feeling paranoid that I’m not being taken seriously by my peers, being present and engaged at work although I feel a little burnt out, being present at home for Brian and our pups, taking care of my physical and mental health, and keeping my life generally tidy (literally and figuratively).  I’m feeling very exhausted by it right now and frankly, I’m ready for a break from all of those things.    Queue our Kiawah vacation in just a few days.

Both Brian and I are dying to leave this city for a while.  Our puppies are being well cared for by Grandma Diane and Aunt Rachel while we’re away.  While I’ll miss them, I am pretty stoked to sleep in.  I’m especially looking to just do nothing for several days except reading, beaching, biking, touring, eating, and appreciating each day there with our family.  In fact, I will probably stick to posting just images for a short while.

In closing, I probably overestimated writing so much during a busy summer.  There are so many things I could share but time is of the essence.  I have a big birthday to celebrate tomorrow, and I better just count my blessings and get some sleep to prepare.  I’m so thankful for these 29 years and I’m sure 30 will be pretty full of wonderful things too.