Thirty Quips | #9

I’m getting restless and antsy with Rock Forest now that we’ve really lived here a while.  Immediately following moving in February 2012, I went a little overboard with painting and maniacally wanting it to be perfect.  It was terribly a unreasonable notion, not to mention bad for my health.  Once we had the housewarming party in June 2012, I think Brian and I really exhaled and tried to enjoy our new place with minor additions here and there.  I’m a firm believer now in waiting to make decoration purchases until you’re sure you need them, and have a plan for their usage.  Oh, and there’s the small detail of fitting these plans into the budget.

We’ve accumulated a lot in a year and a half, decoration and furniture-wise.  The amount of heirloom antiques we’ve amassed is staggering when I start to think about it:  vintage silver trays, two saddles, my set of (beautiful) china my late grandmother gave to me, vintage golf clubs and bag, oil lanterns, mirrors, antlers, Kennedy memorabilia, glasswear, cameras, books, among other awesome things.  I’ve rotated several things around and tried to figure out what works best.  I’m still not extremely satisfied.  On top of that, our den was taken over by an adorable puppy several weeks ago, and I’m OFFICIALLY over this decorating hiatus as I grow tired of seeing her large crate every day and puppy paw prints on this stupid white floor.

Naturally, I have a mental list of changes and improvements.  It’s time to put that list’s money where my house decoration budget is.  I want to start doing more before and after photos but the truth is, I got a little burned out with them in the Nashville house, and then I REALLY got fed up when everyone and their mother tried writing a “DIY” blog and most of the stuff just looks horrible.  It’s important to note my hatred for the acronym and words “DIY”.  Seriously.  It’s right up there with “selfie”, “bestie”, and “Wilhelm”.

Bear with me – there’s a lot of stuff I want to accomplish and I am going to do a much better job of spacing these projects out so as not to spiral me into an anxiety-ridden mess.  Including some before and after pics when possible.  After all, I have a husband, two dogs, and a horse to care for now and this blogging and photography hobby actually does take some time.  Mainly late at night after I may or may not have taken my Ambien.  What of it.

This list does not include any major remodels, which would include some time of outside patio, redoing a “master suite”, and upgrading the kitchen.  All in good time.  Like a decade of time.

1.  Den – Paint walls navy.  Replace entertainment stand with something like this.  Acquire two new large jute rugs to cover white floor, with another accent rug on top to match curtains and navy walls.  Install six can lights.

2.  Kitchen – wallpaper below the chair rail in the dining area.  Find suitable matching rug for under pub table.

3.  Half Bath – wall decor, preferably of the vintage golf kind.  Depending on the leaking (clean water) toilet repair we have to have done this week, we could be dealing with wood rot from water damage.  Which could mean new tile.  Surprise!
*Den, Kitchen, and Half Bath colors will include blues, tans, golds, white, browns, and greens.  

4.  Dining Room –  update pictures in frames, no real change.

5.  Sitting Room – procure dream sideboard storage for peacock wall.  Update and expand mirror wall.  Rearrange furniture to have sofa facing fireplace.  Stack glass tables on low coffee table, use gold table and short wooden antique table on either side of the couch.  Would love to have five of these to put around the room and install six can lights.

6.  Hallway – wallpaper with grasscloth, similar to this.  If Brian lets me, I will be painting the doors facing out into the hall black.

7.  Master Bedroom – plan, spray frames, and hang pictures on walls (we’re currently pretty bare in there), possibly rearrange back to original layout but would require moving sconces.  Sticking with navy, golds, tans, espresso wood.

8.  Guest Bedroom – needs some type of overhaul…TBD.

9.  Office – Same as #8.  It’s become a catch-all and it’s giving me anxiety.  Could potentially use it as a yoga/stretching area with some rearranging.

10. Main Bath – No big change…maybe a new shower curtain and rugs to switch it up.
*Sitting Room, Den, and Hall colors will include greens, black, golds/wheat, white, and natural tones.  

11.  Basement Stairway – paint walls green to match rest of basement.

12.  Basement Bathroom – paint and hang LPs.  Color will be a mixture of dark grays and black from other rooms in the house.  Suitable and rad for a dude bathroom.

13.  Exterior Front – Paint white metal trellises black.  Remove two dead shrubs, replace with planters and arborvitae.

14.  Exterior Rear – Reseal driveway.

First on my list is to finally paint the downstairs bath.  It’s the one room we haven’t touched since we moved in.  Then maybe painting the den, and wallpapering the hallway.  I know I’m super done with the mutant mosquitoes that won’t stop attacking me and after our vacation,  I plan focus my attentions inside and GSD.  That’s “get shit done” in case you didn’t know.  It’s  been my motto at work for several years; might as well bring it home because it’s way less stupid than DIY.  Oh, and I’ll be focusing on riding at the barn, and raising two awesome dogs with my sweet husband, in addition to these home improvements.

This post has been brought to you by Kacey planning to make plans.