Thirty Quips | #11

Today is my mother’s birthday and a day I would like to recognize during my Thirty Quips.  She is the reason I’m here, after all.

My mom came to eat lunch with me this afternoon and tomorrow we are meeting my sisters and their families in Columbia for a family-wide July/August birthday lunch.  A few things to note about my sweet mother:  my mom is a pill (a rascal, etc.),  something I’ve been calling her lately.  She is wonderfully wise, set in her ways, knows what she wants, and always has a witty comment to make any one of her daughters crack up.  Even when things aren’t so funny around us or happening to us.  She’s the most supportive Mom.  If I’m sick, she’s calling to check on me before and after doctor appointments.  She makes Brian cookies and brownies.  She loves our two puppies.  She does everything and anything for our family and life would be so dim without her.  On her birthday, I hope she knows how much she is loved, and how much we celebrate her every day.  I’ll make sure to tell her several times, though.