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I came across the following article on HuffPost today, and found some hope and faith in this slow but sure transition towards “legalizing it”: Majority Of Parents Support Medical Marijuana Legalization, Says Survey By Partnership At The organization published a very enlightening study today, and those results can be found by clicking HERE and reading the nine page study entitled, “Marijuana: It’s Legal, Now What? A Dialogue About America’s Changing Attitudes, Laws and What This Means for Familiesthe very same organization that works to educate teens and parents of the dangers of drug usage.

Are you done reading the article? Take a few minutes and just check it out. For meeeeee, please.

Propoganda affects our general society and lawmakers opinions – there is no doubt. For the record, I believe marijuana should be legal for many reasons, possibly the most simple is how marijuana is less harmful than legal substances like alcohol and tobacco. Not to mention providing legitimate medical relief to those suffering from many different diseases and conditions. I will go out on an extreme limb here and tell my readers that my personal medical and mental health professionals aren’t concerned about marijuana usage but have advocated towards regulation and moderation rather than persecution. What I’m saying is, yes, I’ve discussed it with my doctors. They’re cool, man.

As the report states, marijuana is approved for recreational use in Colorado and Washington State, for medical use in 18 states and the District of Columbia, and effectively decriminalized in 14 states; the number of people in favor of those designations is growing! Missouri is not decriminalized state-wide but some ordinances have declared cannibis the lowest priority of law enforcement and punishment. Small steps for the Show-Me State.

The article discusses not only the strict regulation/ban on teen usage, much like we do for tobacco and alcohol, but also for the general adult population’s strict regulation of the consumption, sale and marketing of marijuana, even if they are in favor of legalization. I agree 100%. Most teens aren’t mentally capable to make solid, informed decisions about what they put into their bodies, or what they do socially because they still insist on posting damning things on social media and expect to not be haunted by it later. #getacluekids!

In closing, at nearly 30 years old, I think moderation and regulation is smart AND necessary. I am glad to hear how the tables are turning in favor of educating a mostly gullible, and non-progressive society on the matter of marijuana legalization. I was inspired. Groovy.

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  1. Glad you’re on board! My father is an Internal Medicine physician & I involuntarily had to have this talk w him years ago when he could smell me one night tiptoeing home. I much prefer smoking to drinking to relax.
    Also, why wouldn’t the US Gov’t want to regulate so we can tax the s**t out of it & say put that $$ into our schools or public healthcare?? I think the tides are turning & politicians will get on board & hopefully use this as a platform rather than a taboo subject.

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