Thirty Quips | #16

Today was such a Monday.  I feel totally blah and anxious in so many ways.  One of those being how behind I am on my goal of 30 posts before my 30th birthday.  It’s been a busy week since Brian was so sick, we have several birthdays happening (thus birthday celebrations to attend), I’m over summer and all the fucking mosquitos, my to-do list around the house keeps piling up, and other minute things of that nature are just on my mind.    My throat is scratchy and sore now too, and I could really just use a day to lie in bed and mope.  But alas, I have shit to do.

With all this other stuff swirling around my head, I’ve had a total mental roadblock about things I wanted to share preceeding my birthday.  I’m hopeful to paddle out of this mess soon.  In other news, we had a really fun weekend with good friends in the country, with a short stopover in Farmington to see an electrical colleague’s horse farm we’ve been trying to visit for two years.  It was as good as I imagined it would be.  I even got to ride a racehorse (last pic of me riding).  Enjoy as I did.

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