Thirty Quips | #25

So I’m watching the Best Of Jimmy Fallon SNL special and the skit about Nick Burns, your company’s computer guy ,came on.

HERE‘s a snippet.  My husband’s friend Mike always said this guy reminded him of me, in the way I had little tolerance for people who didn’t know what they were doing and making my disgust very noticeable…kind of by saying, “MOVE” and then rudely stepping in and fixing a problem.  I think we related it back to me knowing how to weld and being able to do it better than my hubs.  MOVE!  Probably funnier if you had been there but I’m sure I still probably do this to more people than I’d care to admit.  But on to my real point.

Because I’ve loved SNL since about 1989 when I could remember that staying up late to watch SNL was a special privilege AND these past few seasons have been just hysterical, I wanted to link to a few of my most recent fave skits: