Thirty Quips | #29

Sentences about me in five seconds or less:

I use the thesaurus feature in Word more often than I should.

I hate panhandlers. Make better decisions.

Dirty dishes left in the sink give me anxiety.

I can quote all of the Harry Potter movies mostly verbatim.

I read a lot as a child. I believe it helped make me independent adult who enjoys books.

I was once Miss Higginsville and Barnwarming Queen in the same special year.

I believe in conspiracy theories. See Michael Hastings, JFK, RFK, and JFK, Jr.

I am an introvert. I also went to State in public speaking.

I judge people (mainly women) who make a habit of getting rip-roaring drunk on business trips.

I believe in GMOs because they will feed a growing global population. Fuck your granola, local shit.

I wave at my neighbors, even when they don’t wave back.

When I retire, I want to work at Grant’s Farm.

I have no use for lazy people. It’s the worst character flaw to have.

Two things I hate at work: people clipping nails and people who touch things on my desk that aren’t theirs.