Introducing Remy.

Brian and I have been discussing adding a new someone to our family for some time.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves…we meant a puppy.  Long story short and a few phone calls later, we met our new puppy daughter, Remy, at Petco yesterday morning.


Our day started with butterflies about actually bringing in a second pup into our one-dog family.  (Note:  the one dog we have is usually pretty content with spending time alone in the sitting room, reading the Wall Street Journal and being exasperated with us trying to snuggle him.)  We were nervous about Harper’s reaction, and what the additional work a second big dog would mean to our travel plans, expenses, and stress, in my case.

Low and behold, we’re doing pretty well.  After we picked her up from Petco (by way of Washington County), we headed to Sam A. Baker State Park for some family camping time with Brian’s sister, her husband, and their three year old.  We spent some time at the river and Harper even swam a while…we assume it was to show us how much more awesome he was than the adorable puppy we were paying more attention to.  Then some excitement – our nephew loves throwing rocks, and accidentally threw one that hit our sweet girl square in the eye.  First day with your new family?  Rock to the eye in less than 4 hours?   Sounds about right.



Luckily, with a touch of triple antibiotic, she seems relatively unscathed.  I’m going to have her checked over by our vet on Tuesday just to make sure.  Aside from the eye, things are great with little Remy.  She’s got a new crate, some snazzy toys, and a name tag.  We are cruisin’.  She got her first shower/bath tonight and she’s even more fluffy and soft.

Other facts to share about Remy:  approximately 10 weeks old, birthday TBD, a mixture of Husky and possibly German Shepard (we’ll see how she grows up), going potty super well outside in our designated area, and already taking to her crate.  We are totally smitten.  Below are more photos from the past two days; there will inevitably be hundreds more as the summer progresses.  Welcome Remy!  Love, your Mom, Dad, and big bro Harper.

IMG_6337 IMG_6350 IMG_6363 IMG_6370 IMG_6378 IMG_6383 IMG_6386