I’ve been feeling a little snarky lately.  Or a LOT snarky.  Snarky snark snark.  In order to channel my rage away from things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of life, I am going to do a snarky list about them so I can release them from my brain.  It’s been a while…let’s see if I still have a gift.

  • I posted a short blog some time ago about the terrible photo editing some professionals people are passing off as legitimate products.  I’d like to offer exhibit A and B below as terrifically awful, out of focus, and terribly edited examples that really put a damper on the photography profession as a whole:
You can actually see where they did a piss-poor editing job near the left of the K.  It makes me madder than it should.

You can actually see where they did a piss-poor editing job near the left of the K and the lighting inconsistency in the middle of the field. It makes me madder than it should.

Top notch retouching.

Top notch retouching and focus…this poor kid looks like they just cut and pasted him in an ugly backdrop.

  • I’ve recently become a Tumblr person, as you may have noticed.  What gets to me for no real reason is how there are a gazillion Jackie Kennedy Tumblr blogs administrated by 15 year old girls who have never done an ounce of reading about the lady, her life, or her marriage.  Yes, we all like pictures of the most fantastic woman in the history of life, but do some follow-up research for God’s sake and form some researched opinions…not just crap you feel like saying.  Additionally, this upcoming movie is based on a book that offers little research into facts and will be hard for me to watch…but I will watch it and critique accordingly.  I’m even a little surprised National Geographic is producing it on the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination due to its controversial reviews of accuracy.
  • On that note, I will admit I got into an argument with a random patron sitting near me at a restaurant bar about the recent Monsanto GMO protest last week.  To the point where the closing bar staff gathered around to hear it.  I may or may not be banned from the restaurant now, but uneducated douchebags rank pretty high on my list of “people I want to put in their place” and the seven beers and one glass of wine put me over the edge.  My favorite argument of theirs was how they preferred to think more “locally” than globally, despite a growing global population and decreased farmland in which to produce food.  Also, I was shown the callouses on the dude’s hands from his one acre vegetable plot.  I had to excuse myself before I really slapped that guy.
  • Happy Endings has been cancelled.  This is a tragedy because I think it’s hilarious.  Huffington Post did too.  The episode where Jane and Brad try to join a tennis club had me rolling.  Just do me a favor and watch it.  If you don’t think it’s funny, well, then just don’t tell me.
  • I think someone should really put Amanda Bynes in some type of psychiatric confinement.  She’s not right and clearly needs help. The trainwreck is fun to watch, but damn.
  • Migraines are really stupid.  People who have never had one and call them “bad headaches” are also a little stupid.  In Opposite Land, it’s super sweet when your husband quietly gets ready and then kisses you sweetly goodbye as you try to sleep it off.  Thanks, babe.
  • I continue to be disappointed by teenagers and their supreme idiocy in social media.  When I see my little brother “attending” a float trip this summer (my money is on him not actually being allowed to go but I’m not quite ready to crush his dreams yet) and the Facebook invite says these direct quotes (including the teen-speak and names changed to protect the dumb), I just cringe and want to bash some really terrible parents’ heads together:

“xxxxx Jones/ xxxxx Miller float trip 2013, 17 and older,
BYOB- floating for two days renting a cabin to throw big party in after were off the water.
Anything goes the crazier the better/ will be makin t shirts
P.S. – F&%k the cops
contact me or xxxxx miller for details will put up on here by next week.
invite whoever the fuck idc…. lets rave

Good luck gentlemen…I hear undercover float trip cops love underage drinkers.  Especially ones with weed and ecstasy on their person!  Also, I’m pretty sure all float trips are BYOB.  Geniuses.  Also, I am still not on Facebook but Brian keeps me updated.

  • Let’s end on a happy note…I do feel better.  Thanks, Internet.

3 thoughts on “Grump.

  1. Hi there,
    I think I stumbled across your blog from searching for pics of my new favorite band, The Wild Feathers! I stayed for the horses & Jackie O. However, I am far from a teenager!
    Just read this post. I agree w u on the idiocy of some on the internet. Especially in a world so transparent.
    I do not understand your argument for GMO Crops when we, the FDA, Monsanto truly have NO idea the future permanant ramifications on humans or the environment. Personally, I do homegrow a lot of veggies & do not eat meat for my protein. Surprisingly I do not miss it!
    Sorry longwinded, I do not sleep much.

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