Creativity and me.

There are certain times when creativity strikes me like a lightening bolt.  Right this moment is one of those times.  Magically, I am at my computer to capture what is often a very rare “meet cute” when my emotions and my keyboard meet.  You readers are luckyyyy.

I was browsing around the internet, and found this amazing St. Louis photographer, Fresh Art Photography.  Let me backup by saying I have been trying to hone some photography skills lately.  I was asked to take some engagement photos, something I’ve never done, two weekends ago for an in-law’s son and his fiance.    I was really nervous about this task.  First, I didn’t really know the couple.  Second, I’m don’t give myself enough credit for producing something decent.  Mainly because of the garbage I see so many “photographers” turn out and I never want to publicly bad at something.  I guess you could say I hold myself to an unrealistic standard of producing amazing, original photos that don’t look forced, cheesy, or worse, photoshopped to death and unnatural.  I believe photos should come from knowing the camera, using the beauty around you, and to capture the subject as it is in that moment…not something that looks like this:

Is this seriously not the most polarizing couple shoot?  Yeeee.

Is this seriously NOT the most polarizing couple shoot? Yeeee.  I did not take this, nor am I claiming it as mine for the purpose of this site.

Anywho, I think the engagement photos I took are pretty decent for never having done a “formal shoot”.  Here are some of my faves:





Not tooting my own horn, but they aren’t terrible.  The customers were pleased as well.  What I like most about these images are how real they look, and the expressions aren’t forced.  They’re either feeling snarky or skeptical, but in a very “we’re in love for the long haul and sappy photos just aren’t our style” type of way.

Now, back to the Fresh Art Photography company I came across today.   I was enamored with everything about this website: portrait ideas, the focus on family photography, and the “lifestyle” portraiture styling.  I don’t know this St. Louis photographer, but I am fascinated with her skill in focusing on the day-to-day (the normal habits and routines) instead of events.  That’s the type of photographer I want to be – someone who you can trust to capture the good things in life how they actually occur…like the Spittal Family (total strangers to me but I loved their entire shoot) reading a book, playing chess, or just wrestling around.  Even their home makes you want to be a part of their family!

I may be rambling on, but if imitation is indeed a sincere form of flattery, I hope to imitate this photographer’s style.  So much so, that I may just take her $185 photography class just to brush up on some skills.  I think I can learn a thing or two.

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  1. HI! I just got your ping back to my site and came to see what the link was for and WOW! This is the kindest blog post ever! I literally had just about the worst day and you truly made me smile tonight! THANK YOU! Do you mind if I link to it on FB?

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