Even as I left Florida…

Sarasota Girl Trip #2 began on Thursday, March 7 and concluded Saturday, March 9.  Below you’ll see the obligatory wing/plane pic as we arrive.  Sarasota has a special place in my heart for many reasons, but most recently it has been where my best friend and I have gone twice (making it the 2nd annual spring trek to these white sandy beaches) when the opportunity presents itself.


Here is the photo diary:  Rachel picked me up in the Go-Kart  Mazda 2 you’ll see below.  It’s blue so you won’t miss it!  We laid on the beach, ate some great food, cried a little as girls do when they are slightly inebriated, and worked it out after I had a major panic attack.  I’m talking the full deal – hyperventiliating, couldn’t breathe, crying…it was serious anxiety in full costume!  Luckily, my BFF handled my mess like a champ and I’m adding it to the list of why I totally love her guts.  But I digress from our wonderful trip…


Could this look MORE like a rental car?  Nah.

IMG_5147Our hotel above…Boz Skaggs Lido Beach style…


The umbrella we didn’t need because we were so cold trying to get some sun on Friday.  But we were determined!


“Kacey, don’t take my picture.”
“Yeah, I didn’t…”


Sometimes she doesn’t even know!  Those are the best people pics.


Tiki Bar with delicious rum drinks.  At the Ritz, dahhhling.


Bffs.  We have matching bracelets.  #wearetwelve.


Friday night sunset.

For two nights, Rachel and I took that Go-Kart around Sarasota, exploring seafood restaurants, shopping and sushi establishments.  That little Mazda 2 really helped make our trip.  It led us to a nice man named Alex who chatted us up the Ritz tiki bar, and proceeded to show us his shop, and offered to take us sailing on his small catamaran the next day.  Sadly, we did not sail.  But Alex was a gentleman through and through.

Rachel and I visited a psychic (also named Rachel) for the 2nd time while down in Sarasota.  I learned that I wouldn’t worry about money (she probably tells that to everyone), I was particularly close to a Michael (my dad), and that someone I knew recently succumbed to cancer…which is unfortunate but true.  I’m a believer when it comes to quirky things like this (and also that ghosts exist).  For me, the $50 was worth it to hear some nice things and things that she saw in my future that were in my favor.  And I always want the odds in my favor…

We sunned a little on Friday, even though it was a bit chilly.  Saturday we were determined to get some color before our flight home.  And success!  I’m a perfectly burnt lady, and I look forward to many more hours in my backyard to work on this tan.  We made it home safe and sound, and I’m already prepping for our next beach trip – the Schaeffer Family Kiawah Island Extravaganza in July.