Marley Williams – Day Eight

After a week with a four-month old puppy, both Brian and I are very much in love.  Yes, we WILL give her back, and no, Harper doesn’t really love her like we do.  Eh.  He’s been pretty good about her in all aspects of tolerance, but tonight, he snapped a little too hard and freaked me out.  Marley got lots of love after that, and was basically an angel for the rest of the evening.  Harper sulked in his bedroom.

In just eight short days, Marley has made awesome progress.  I am pleased to continue our “by the numbers” template we have going:

Indoor accidents yesterday:  I’ve seriously stopped counting.  See next item.

Indoor accidents today:  Three that I know about.  I think she has a small control problem because she goes outside for us immediately and every time we take her out.  More research to be done on female dogs and light dribbling…

Tricks learned:  “Lay down”, going to her crate on command by saying “Crate”, giving you her paw when asked to shake, cleaning her paws off with a towel coming back into the house (this was once a really spastic chore), eating her food a little more calmly, coming when called, and snuggling.  She’s a very good snuggler.  She also “drops” her toys on command to play fetch.  She’s a coonhound through and through in that regard.

Cheers:  Brian and I do love this little lady.  We are proud of her progress, and know she is vewwwy smart.  My hope is that my family in Higginsville takes just as much care and attention in training her as we have so she can be the best little Sharpei/Blue Tick Coonhound mix ever, which is what the vet guessed were her majority breeds.  Her vet visit was awesome, the techs loved her, and she got her first round of shots.  Took them like a champ and even sat still while being examined.  She weighs a whopping 19lbs, and is expected to get to 50lbs, give or take.

First vet visit.

First vet visit.

Toys massacred:  3:  RIP chicken, squirrel, and green rope guy.

Jeers:  The dribbling problem is a little perplexing since we take her out at least once per hour, if not more.  She holds it in her crate, and goes #1 or #2 every time we go outside.  Why the dribbling?!

There are a lot of things I wish I could videotape properly, like when she lays completely on top of Harper and he lets her for a few moments, but it is either too dark in our den in the evenings, or I’m just not quick enough to get it on tape.  iPhone pictures have been a little better, but I’ll try to take more before she leaves on Sunday.  I’m probably going to use this blog as a training guide for my family as well; not that I’m Cesar or anything, but Harper’s mellowness and downright awesomeness should speak for itself.  That noise you hear is me patting myself on the back.

"We'd like our treats now."

“We’d like our treats now.”

In other news, I am going to Sarasota with my best pal, Rachel, Thursday through Saturday to soak up some vitamin D if the weather cooperates with us.  I am ready to get away, sit on a quiet beach and read my Kennedy stories.  Brian will be a single dad for a few days to these adorable pups, but I know he can handle it.  With the nice weather in the week-ending forecast, I’m sure they’ll get along just fine without me for a while and hopefully get some backyard time in.    More Marley updates to come!