Marley Williams – Day Four

After three days of waking up, taking two dogs out in the wet, icky snow/drizzle, I’m officially frustrated with the weather.  Brian and I have worked out a nice system of taking each dog out separately in the mornings, bringing them in and wiping off paws, feeding, and repeating the “going outside to do their business” cycle again.  Then they play for a bit, and then Marley goes in her crate until lunchtime.

Truthfully, I don’t want to bore you like I just did with that first paragraph, so I’ll keep the two-dog cheers and jeers to a short “by the numbers” list.  I’ve gotten really into data analysis at work, so I feel like tracking something I can average.  I’m so cool.

Indoor accidents yesterday:  5

Indoor accidents today:  1

Tricks learned:  Lay down, going to her crate on command.  Ignore my sweet outfit (pajamas) and no makeup while watching parts one and two of the “lay down” process.   It took her 10 minutes to learn to lay down and I was so proud!

Cheers:  She’s gotten really good about relaxing in her crate when we are “calming down” for the evening.  It’s precious when she snoozes.   It only took her 10 minutes to learn to lay down.

Toys massacred:  1; RIP chicken.

Jeers:  Harper is still not loving this houseguest.  Whoever thought putting a white floor in this house was stupid.  Real stupid.  But seriously…look at this face:



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