Marley Williams – Day One

A few weeks ago, so the story goes, my little brother found this little darling tied up in the freezing cold, obviously left for dead or with the hope that a good samaritan could rescue her in time:

"Can I ride to St. Louis to?"

My dad, stepmom Cheri, and little brother Colton took this puppy in and called her Marley.  I met her for the first time this weekend when I went home for Miss Molli’s first birthday party.  I was so excited to meet this little doll, and when I did, I met a feisty, adorable multi-dog mutt of whom I totally fell in love with.   We are guessing she’s a mixture of so many things:   a little Blue Heeler/Australian Shepards, German Shorthair, Hound dog, Beagle, Pointer, Jack Russel Terrier in her and because I like to think so, just a little wolf.  She’s proving that’s smart and has to have a little “bird dog” in her.

On Sunday as I was ready to leave, I noticed some frustration with accidents happening in the house and the typical puppy bad habits.  I made the offer to Cheri that I would take Marley home to St. Louis and do a little puppy training.  Brian was for the idea as well, and fell in love with her in the Petsmart parking lot just as I did.  Cheri woefully agreed and we packed up little Marley for her first cross-state road trip.

She and I cruised down I-70 to some mellow tunes (some Bob Marley, of course).  She slept most of the way and was pretty much an traveling pro.  Gold star for Marley.

"I think I like car rides...this Caddy runs smooth!"

After three and a half hours and a $150 PetSmart bill, we arrived home on Rock Forest where Marley will be spending her time at the Schaeffer Kennel for at least two weeks.  We’re a tough, but very loving kennel.  Except Harper…his permanent facial expression since Marley walked in has been contempt, disbelieve, and disappointment.  If he were human, he would be a depressed writer who has retreated to his basement office to get out his feelings in poetry about the injustices that are plaguing him.  He sneers at us.  Seriously.

We’ll see how it goes tomorrow for Harper, Marley, and our relationships.  Brian and I are working with her on the basics, one by one:  sit, lay down, paw (shake), and sitting while putting on and taking off the leash before we go outside, as well as waiting for her paws to be wiped off before tracking rain and mud in the house.  She’s actually getting pretty good at that.  She’s wonderful in her crate, and we’re working on a food and bathroom schedule.  We’ve had  a few accidents in the house, but she is learning more and more each day…since this is only the first, we hope things to improve drastically.

"On the road again..."

Future lessons may include leash training (running with Kacey),  gaining some trust, getting her proper shots, nails clipped, and a professional grooming.  Wish Marley luck!  More photos and training stories to come.

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