Princess Radziwill and other fun things to peruse.

I know I’m about a week late on this, but I DIED when I read all the new stuff that the New York Post did on Lee Radziwill (Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ younger sister, 79).  Please take a moment to read about this remarkable living historical person.  I’m insanely fascinated by her.  If you want to go really crazy, you can also look here for a view from the interviewers of the first article, Sofia Coppola, Giambattista Valli and Peter Beard.  The entire thing is extremely captivating to me and I would probably croak if I ever saw this woman in person.

On a related note, I have bid on two items at this Presidential auction, because if I can’t go to Massachusettes, then by God I can bid online.  HERE is the first item, and HERE is the second.  I’m so excited to see if they could possibly become mine!  NOTE:  They did not become mine….ho hum.  But it was cool to see the auction online and to watch JFK’s Air Force One bomber jacket sell for $570,000.  Cha….ching.

Those horse pictures take me to the hopeful news of getting to ride some family friends’ horses this weekend, and possibly more in the future if they are interested in letting me take their beasts out for exercise here and there.  I am so thrilled for the opportunity to get back into riding.  I’m probably going to need one of these in brown/black just for my safety.

I’ve been reading a lot of good news articles lately, and this one made a lot of sense to me.  I find myself analyzing my behavior around the office and around our friends, and I know I’m guilty of some of this.  It’s really just a well-written piece on how you drive other people crazy and how to fix it.  FIX.  IT!

I shared this story about waiting for Alzheimers to begin with my sisters and my mom last week, knowing that this is all of our worst fears. Perhaps it’s my anxiety feelings of impending doom, but I am super afraid of this disease.  Not to be a downer, but another well-written piece that hit home for me lately.

To round out this link fest, I came upon this blog that is named “Aspiring Kennedy” and didn’t think twice about perusing her writing and her Pinterest site…all of which was super adorable.  Especially all the postcard pictures of their travels with she and her husband smooching.  I think Brian and I need to start a travel tradition like that.  She will have a permanent spot in my blogroll now.  I do love everything Kennedy, even other Kennedy-lovers.  And I love that she’s living in Europe, and traveling around to here, there, and everywhere.  Schaeffer Eurotrip 2014 planning shall commence now.

As an ode to my husbands love of Howard Stern, I found a good link to his top 50 interviews.  Some are pretty good.