Pet Peeves.

I’ve been in a cranky mood all day.  I haven’t felt very well due to an unexplained and painful kidney/bladder infection (oh yeah, I went there), I got a deep cardboard-style papercut on my finger, nearly choked on a cracker, and had a rather unsatisfying dinner.  Overall, it was a total blah day and I’m feeling grumpy.  My writing lately has been focused on the good and what progress I’m making, but not today!  Today I am going to be grouchy and cantankerous.  Which means…wait for it…it’s time for a snarky list of my pet peeves!

(DISCLAIMER:  These are not meant about any one person in particular.  I’m just sending them out into the abyss.)

1.  People who do not open or hold doors open.  It’s just rude.  Same goes for elevator doors.

2.  When co-workers use that quiet, whispery voice and you just know they are telling secrets.  Go into an office or a conference room! Or use the instant messenger to talk shit like all the sensible people.

3.  Dishes in the sink when the empty dishwasher is a foot away.

4.  Pleather boots.  Save up and buy some real ones.

5.  People who have to hashtag everything.  #seekingattention.

6.  When you’re running in your neighborhood and you see other people out exercising who don’t even acknowledge you.  No friendly wave?  No knowing nod or glance?  F. You.

7.  People who pronounce especially “eckspecially” and other words incorrectly.  Just don’t.

8.  All of Harper’s hair on my coats.  I know he can’t help it and I love him so much, but I hate it.

9.  Cleaning toilets.  It’s just terrifying and gross.

10.  Marketing emails from all the stores I buy from online.  If I’ve unsubscribed once, I’ve done it 16 times.  Get the hint, Gap!

11.  The wretched ladies who work at Kate Spade in the Frontenac store.  So catty and mean.  You work retail.  Get over yourselves.

12.  Letting people in on the highway with no thank you wave in return.

13.  When both of your neighbors have the same unkept shit in their backyards a year after we’ve moved in, making them the laziest homeowners I’ve seen yet.  And believe me, we see their messy yards every day.  And every day, we groan at their laziness.

14.  Walmart is just one giant pet peeve.

15.  The Kardashians.  Your time is up.


Thanks for letting me rant.