In the Moat: Worry

Part of my anxiety has always been tarred and feathered in worry.  I worry about things in the past,  present, and probably a minimum of eight hours a day is consumed by insignificant worry.  Add in a tablespoon of paranoid and we’re on our way to an Anxiety Pie!

I found this article, 20 Ways to Banish Worry, on a site I frequently read and find inspiration from.  It was fitting for today.  This week I am already bombarded by work and some strange stomach/chest/head sickness that’s just a real kick in the pants!  After reading that nice article above, I’m doing my best to not let 2013 go too far and ridding my memory of those unfortunate houseguests that have lingered around my door too long:  Unhappiness, Panic, and that real jerk, Worry.  I know we all worry, but maybe this will help those out there that find it consuming and overwhelming more often than not.  Like me.