Chicago. Chi-Town. The Windy City. Da Bears. By the Numbers.

If anyone can name that movie from the title of this post, I’ll hug you.

As I was just saying a few days ago, my friend Rachel and I went to Chicago last weekend to see Ray Lamontagne at the Chicago Theatre.  It. was. ahmazing.  In fact, the entire trip was just a really good (and really needed) time away from St. Louis.

I’ll now present to you our trip; by the numbers:

2:  Times I have now ridden the Amtrak.

1:  Time it took riding in the economy class to have some old man’s nail clippings fly into my lap before we decided never to take anything less than business class again.

Are we going to Hogwarts?

Are we going to Hogwarts?

3:  Hours we slept once on the train.

2:  Time it took us to wake up, freshen up, and me to beat Rachel in at least one game of Scrabble.

Ready to arrive in Chicago.

Ready to arrive in Chicago. Sans gross man’s fingernails.  

3:  Margaritas I had at lunch with my dear friend Dan after we had gotten settled at the James Hotel.  It really set a nice tone for the day!

We didn't want anything to do with these items.  They were 'pensive!

We didn’t want anything to do with these items. They were ‘pensive!

2:  Hours we shopped before heading back to the hotel to rest and get ready for the show.

Seen while shopping.

Seen while shopping.

Anthropologie's jewels.

Anthropologie’s jewels.

1:  Bottle of wine bought at Trader Joes to satiate us until we could buy drinks at the show.

25:  Dollars I spent in cab rides for the entire two days.

18:  Dollars I spent for two drinks at the concert.

2:  Favier brothers that were at the same concert we were!  I just love those manes.

2:  Hours Ray played with just his acoustic guitar and another gent playing an upright bass.

IMG_3668 IMG_3651

1:  Hour it took Rachel and I to figure out how to get back to our hotel, and then to find a non-stupid Irish pub for some food and beers.  Luckily, there was one down the street.  The fish and chips were delicious.

10:  Hours of which I consumed some form of alcohol…and by some, I mean all forms.

11:  AM, which we thought our check-out time was the next morning.

2:  PM, which was the actual checkout time, and I remember yelling, “oh thank God, that is the BEST NEWS I’ve heard all day” before I promptly fell back asleep in hopes of ridding my body of one of the worst hangovers I’ve had in a good while.  I’ve never felt closer to 30 than I did that morning.

3:  Hours we spent finishing our shopping, and getting back to the Amtrak station so we could upgrade to business class.

2.5:  Hours of which Rachel and I had the entire Business Class car to ourselves.  It was totally worth the upgrade and free beverage.

Rachel, in solitude.

Rachel, in solitude.

1:  Full day it took for my body to recover from great time I had in Chicago.  And just to leave you with something pretty, these were some of my favorite iPhone pics from the trip:IMG_3663 IMG_3637 IMG_3640 IMG_3670

Thanks, Chicago!  You were the bees knees.