Summertime in Higginsville.

Brian and I went to Higginsville two weekends ago to celebrate my dad and stepmom’s 60th and 50th birthdays, respectively.  We also skydived, no big deal.   As they were sizable milestones and my dad didn’t have a sale on that Saturday, I got to spend a goodly amount of time with him riding around our properties in the Gator while Brian was achieving his childhood dreams of driving a dump truck at my brother-in-law’s farm (well, he’s basically family, so bro-in-law is the best term).

While it was special for me to spend some QT bonding with my dad, I’ve also been trying capture a few agriculture pictures that follow the seasons; luckily I can also use them for presentations I do for work.  I’m glad to now have the consciousness to  document and appreciate the things I probably took for granted as I was growing up.   Like the patterns a digger makes in the dirt or the sheer cuteness of baby pigs.

My dad, in a large hole we’re having dug to repair a pond.

Fresh piglets. I think they were about five days old. So soft.

Football scrimmage – my little bro.

They did not want their photo taken. Little do they know that I love animal butt photos.

This is what a drought looks like, with weeds.

Digger tracks. The pattern sucked me in.

Talking business.

Merle, Duck, and Fancy.