I have lots of pictures to share, starting with the thoughtful birthday gift my husband gave me – new master closets and pantry:

The “before”. Pretty plain.

The “after” – Brian’s side. I’m especially proud of his department store fold job on his jeans.

The “after” – Kacey’s side. We both have double rods for our clothtes and then the cubbies on the sides. Mine just has more shoe racks. :)

Those aren’t quite what they look like now since I’ve gotten all my bins and spaces used properly, but you get the picture.  I have a bin for unmetionables, extra shoes, and workout clothes.  And not to mention this old favorite with more shoe storage:

One of my most coveted pieces of antique furniture, and now holds so many of my pretty shoes.

More pics to come….probably of skydiving because I haven’t gotten over the fact that I actually did it.