June Schmoon

Coming back after battling the very elusive Wichita Stomach Virus of 2012 that ruined several days for me, I was pretty psyched to start enjoying the summer in our new house with our friends and family.  After the very fun and successful housewarming party, we were able to help celebrate a few other joyous occassions like my pal Jillian’s 30th circus-themed birthday, hosted by her sister.

The birthday girl and her mom, Debbie.

Jills and Kacey – great party!

A few days later, the entire Schaeffer crew was invited to spend an evening at the house where Brian’s grandparents, Phyllis and Gerry, their children and grandchildren (my husband) came to swim and play games in the basement for so many happy years.  Just recently, the house was sold from our family contact (who bought the home from Brian’s grandmother).  But, before they had to give up possession, we were graciously invited to come swim and and pretend it was 1995.  For my husband and most all of his extended family, the opportunity to come over and enjoy an evening reminiscent of hundreds of backyard pool parties was surreal, happy, and bittersweet.  Keep in mind that this is probably one of the coolest 1950’s style homes and backyards I’ve ever seen, so I tried to document a little for posterity:

Early gatherers, prepping the food.

View from the back of the pool. The yellow umbrellas and tables are vintage from the original Schaeffer time in the house.

Celia, owning that slide.

Erin and her little ducks.

Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool…

The Schaeffer’s, Fisher’s, Klostermeyer’s, Phillips, LeGrand’s. Just missing the Chapi’s.

(L-R:) My handsome husband, sisters-in-law Erin and Claire, my brother-in-law Chris. Some of the best people you are forced to hang out with because you’re married to their brother. Seriously thought…they are the bees knees.

When the Heritage Beer Festival came beckoning several days later, Brian, Chris, Jenny and I answered and tasted several a’brew.  In true fall-loving fashion, my favorites were anything with pumpkin.  Some documentation from that evening:

The Michael’s – three beers deep.

The Schaeffer’s, two beers in.

the cheap seats.

The neat portable globe lights. 

boy side of the table.

the girl side.

The next weekend the Michael’s invited us to go down to Hermann with both sets of their parents.  Gladly, we accepted the invitation.  Had a blast, which should be evident by these happy faces:

Mr. and Mrs. Fenlon – celebrating 28 years together.

love birds.

these artsy bottles are courtesy of Jenny’s photo skillllz.

my new favorite picture of me – thanks to jenny’s skilllz again.

jenny’s senior pics with her father-in-law.

Jenny and her sweet mom-in-law.

Michael’s and Fenlon’s – family – woop woop!

ready for the trip home.

She’s ready, folks.

We celebrated another birthday for one of my best friends, my sweet puppy dog Harper, as June was dwindling.  He turned FIVE on June 30 and I just can’t believe he’s that many years old.  I love our boy so much and hope to be enjoying his company for many more years.  He was treated to a puppy cup at Ted Drewes and then, he got a really fantastic gift from his Aunt Rachel.  Feast your eyes on these:

Rachel, Doodle in Wayfarers, Brian, Harper in his Doggles.

braving the wind, sand, sun, and snow in his Doggles.

Last but not least, June was capped off by a sister/niece team who ran in the Kansas City Color Run…and that team was me, my sisters Kim and Wendy, and our little bird niece Peyton.  So much color, so much fun.

Peyton Bird after the race.

Kacey and Kim

On to July with more activities!