I was reading tonight, and her latest post talks about a Sesame Street segment that I thought was hilarious.  It made me go back to the ’80s when I was really tuning in to Sesame Street because we didn’t have cable in the country.  It was only when I was older that we got one of those sweet spaceship looking satellite dishes in our backyard that took up an insane amount of yard was I able to enjoy things like HBO and “watching a movie” with my boyfriend in the basement.

Anywho, the following skit was one of my favorites, and I begged for a llama for several years to no avail.  I ask my dad here and there if he’ll indeed buy me a llama as a gift but he keeps shooting me down.

It was the video below that caused me not to say my full ABC’s because I would stop mid-alphabet and say “cookie monster” and giggle at my cleverness for several minutes.  True story.

2 thoughts on “Classic.

  1. Me and my llama, me and my llama. I’m sharing this with Scott, he’ll buy you a llama. And for the record, yes, yes you did giggle at your ABC’s…. thank goodness you know them all in order now.

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