Good grief.

A whole month without posting…feels like life has moved so quickly and I’ve barely had time to process it.  Because I know I’ll look back over these past few months and wonder what happened, I feel it necessary to talk about all that has happened.

I mentioned a new job.  I’m still with the same company, but have moved over to the side of the business that makes money rather than spends it.  It has been a welcomed and refreshing change.  I have an entirely new team and still get to work with all the same great people.  I do love it so far.  My first big assignment was to help plan a territory meeting to be held in beautiful Wichita, Kansas this past week.  While my stress level didn’t really go down with this new job immediately, it was channeled towards working with people who actually appreciated my diligence and attention to detail.  AND they appreciate my sarcasm.

Meanwhile, as I was in the first few weeks of this new position, Brian and I were planning our housewarming party to take place on June 1, just a mere week ago.  To say that I am a glutton for punishment is entirely true.  This housewarming party has been the Superbowl of my focus for the past several months since we moved to Rock Forest.  We have been grooming the house, the yard, my sanity, etc. to bring our closest friends and family together to celebrate.  As 60+ people gathered, we were overwhelmed with love and support, and selfishly, many compliments on the interior design, a-thank you.  It was awesome and exhausting and wonderful all at the same time.  I was too busy to take any real pictures, but a few did turn out nicely:

The food, proudly made by Boogaloo and our good friend Dan. There wasn’t an empanada left by the time it was over.

Our cutie pie nephew Matt.

Elisa, me, Matt, and Jillian. Pals.

Party goers.

Jamie and Rachel – more pals.

And that was seriously all the pictures that were taken.  Which is a little sad, but hopefully indicative of how good of a time we were having to not bother with a camera.  I lost my wine glass at least three times.  My mom and I worked really hard to get the entry and half bath wallpapered in time for the party and they both turned out pretty snazzy.  Pictures to come on the mostly finished products.  I still have a few things to purchase for the sitting room, but they will come as the summer progresses.  And really, we just need to get out more since we’ve worked so hard since February.

After our party on June 1, I had to leave to head to Wichita on June 3.  Just in time to start feeling sort of terrible and achy, like the flu was approaching.  Alas….it wasn’t just any influenza.  It was the stomach flu!  Yay!  As I arrived in Wichita it really hit me, and I battled through three days of my meeting with all the gross side effects of what the stomach flu entails.  Six days, seven packets of saltines and fourteen hours of driving later, I’m still puny and exhausted from not being able to keep any food in my system.   And six pounds lighter.  Thankfully, I am home and able to spend the weekend recuperating from this nasty virus.  It’s no fun being sick but I hope to be on the upswing.