delete, delete, delete.

Since mid-February when Brian and I were in the middle of transitioning homes, I have been considering how much info I wanted to really share “out there” during a stressful time, and the creepiness factor of showing your private home to potential weirdos on Facebook, etc.  Instead, I’d rather do it on my personal blog, somewhere I know only our close friends and acquantiances will look and appreciate them.

Thinking about that led to questioning how much value I was getting from Facebook every day….which was slim.  I’ll be quite frank:  I don’t care where you’re eating, I don’t need to see your out-of-focus Instagrammed photos, nor will I immediately search out the song you’re listening to on Spotify.  (I’m not saying I’ve never been guilty of those things, but I guess I’m feeling kind of over them.)

Then I stumbled across this article, and this one too.  They really sum up the reasons why I will be deleting (not just deactivating) my Facebook account.  I am not getting much benefit from it lately, and I want to work on polishing the real life friendships and family relationships I have.  Not to mention their privacy policies are pretty unfair.

I have a full life; for that I’m very thankful.  One with many people who love me dearly and I them.  I feel a little silly announcing I will be deleting a social network that has been giving me an easy way to plan parties and stalk our odd neighbors for over eight years now.  (Well, the odd neighbors just happened in the last few months, but thanks Facebook!)  Even though it feels a little hypocritical, I know there are people on there that may miss me when I’m gone (and others who surely won’t care), and I  don’t want to give the impression that I blocked or unfriended them for any reason.  This is my formal way of saying, “don’t take it personally – it’s just something I want to do to bring a little more positive thinking into my life, and certainly more time”.  I already feel less obligation and more relieved of the need to check it out of habit these past few years.

Yes, this is publishing on Facebook but I’ll be deleting my account by May 1.  Bookmark if you want to remember or keep reading!  It’s been real, Facebook.  Don’t worry, I’m keeping Pinterest.

One thought on “delete, delete, delete.

  1. Big step! I gave it up for Lent and can’t say I missed it … I run the FB page for a local animal group so can’t get rid of it completely, but I’ve definitely lost any desire to time-waste on other people’s silly thoughts. Agreed on the food, bad photography and spotify … and raise you the worst: toddler toilet training. Gross.

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