Just another 89 degree day on April 1.

This entire weekend was so beautiful, and luckily enough for us, we were able to spend most of it outside enjoying family and friends.  And our really bizarre neighbors.

I wanted to follow-up on the shelf I painted and didn’t get quite done before my last post.  Here it is:

to be filled with books and interesting things very soon...

In other fun news, my pal Rachel got a new puppy a few weeks ago, and his name is Dave.  Meet Dave.  He’s basically in a tie with Harper for the cutest dog who ever lived.

Harper and Dave, just doodling around.

"Hey harper, let me paw at you."

"Dave, let me put my whole mouth on your head."

"Friends always bite at one another in a playful manner."

"Who me? I am too cute to be in trouble."

The photos above were actually taken last week, but Dave keeps growing every time he comes over to play with his new best friend Harper.  Harper recently got some new portraits (since we’ve moved to a more picturesque location it was necessary to do some new ones) taken this weekend, and here is what came of those:

"Welcome, friends. This is where me, my mom, and my dad live. I'll be your tour guide today." -Harper

"This is my crooken nose face."

"This is my stoic pose."

Dave does have eyes...they are just covered by all his fluffy hair!

See? There they are...

"This is my Blue Steel." - Dave

We end this gratuitous showing of our dogs with a puppy smooch. Because they are best friends.

In other good news, our new furniture for the sitting room will be delivered this coming Friday and I could not be more excited.  I also ordered some pretty sweet tables from a One Kings Lane sale to match the new den couch.    Just a couple more things to paint, like the front door that I hope to get done sometime this week before my parents come to visit from Higginsville.  It’s all coming together really nicely.  Lots of good things happening and I’ll work on being a better sharer of it.  Oh, and I took my first headshot photos for a very special assignment tonight and I’m anxious to share a few of those too!  Maybe tomorrow..it’s time to rest my weary eyes.