By the Numbers: Rock Forest

I hardly believe we’re a few days shy of March.  My last blog was important in that I was able to effectively share my historical and style adoration/love for all things Jackie, which remains quite strong.  But there’s been little time to think of that, what with moving from from old house to new for the past three weekends.

Three weekends to move, you may ask?  Yes…and tonight is the first night I’ve actually listened to my head when I tell myself to just. sit. down.  I’ve been having a hard time with doing that.  Sitting down.  Not cleaning or organizing or emptying boxes.  With vacuuming.  With painting and deciding that I wanted a different color for the sitting room, the dining room, and the hallway (all of which are one color, not three separates so it’s not THAT big of a deal to repaint).  Returning the leather couch I bought for the den that didn’t actually fit into the den.

But I could go on forever on the triumphs, the mis-measures, and the utter anxiety-ridden transition from past to present but I would probably bore you to tears.  Or something like that.  I say “anxiety-ridden” not to mean buying this home wasn’t a good idea, or that both Brian and I aren’t super happy with our new home and the many good things it provides us.  We are thrilled and happy to be home in this house.  It feels like home.  One small win – a dishwasher.  On the larger scale – a two-car garage that is already organized and a fireplace that has been keeping us snuggly at night when we catch some winks of television.  Just to name a few of the many reasons we love our new place.  Pocket door.  Ah!

I say “anxiety” because it sounds nicer than “panic”, and both of those little character flaw boogers have been riding around on my shoulder for about three weeks now.  The move seemed to provide the perfect storm for my panic disorder to come out in full force the day we closed on the Rock Forest house, and even three weeks later, I’m still waking up with a racing heart and remnants of a panic attack that seems to come from nowhere.  It’s reminiscent of the 2003 episode I had in college, but much worse and more terrfying.  I think it’s safe to say that when you struggle to make yourself put your makeup on before work, because you just don’t have the strength or willpower, additional help should be sought and thankfully, it was.

In the middle of dropping my proverbial basket (my anxiety and panic management basket), Brian and I managed to power through and get more done in three weeks (including some hefty long days during the weekends) than anticipated.  And for that, I’m going to do a trusty  favorite, “By the Numbers:  Rock Forest Home”…so just get ready.   But before that, here’s a before and after of the kitchen which I think you’ll enjoy:

the baby blue kitchen, pre-painting, and pre-wall-cutting to fit the huge fridge in the spot. thank you Mike and Adam for your help and for doing this project when I was not at home.

the kitchen - after paint - i like two call it "brey", a combo of brown and grey. much better than the ugly baby blue. i was getting ready to cook a really easy pasta dish. and look! the fridge fits!

the vintage stove (which i love) and the "brey" paint job in the kitchen that will carry over into the sitting room and dining room.

So there’s a decent preview of the newly painted kitchen area.  Slowly but surely we have unpacked, cleaned and cooked a few meals on that 1950’s Tappan stove that I totally love.   The white cabinents need a good sand and refinish, and some new silver pulls.  They’re on the list as we progress.  Overall, I’m pleased with the kitchen and can envision a final product not too terribly far away that includes some butcher block countertops.  More room reveals to come as they become complete…but the sitting room furniture will be here in about eight weeks…so just hold your horses.  :)

On to the numbers:

2.2: miles away Darlene is from our new house.

15: minutes saved on my commute to work.

4: times I’ve really clocked myself in the head from the dining room chandelier that doesn’t have a table underneath it yet.

2: semi-strange sets of neighbors we have…Rick and John.  Characters.

11: Rubbermaid tubs have have already been emptied.

7: Rubbermaid tubs full of glass or wooden decorations that need to be sorted, displayed, or properly packed in the right boxes.

2: cars that fit perfectly in our garage now the bikes are hung and Brian has cleaned and organized the entire thing.

9: times we’ve lit the fireplace to keep us cozy in the den.  Budget billing is going to be the best thing ever!

1: leather couch returned to JCPenney.  I didn’t feel bad about it.

4: visits to both my psychiatrist and counselor combined to get me feeling right about my anxiety and panic in the past two weeks.  (no joke there…it’s been an awakening thing so thank you for all the support my family and good pals have given.  I apparently forget that this is indeed, a part of my nervous system and my reaction to my anxiety can get off the tracks pretty quickly.  Seeking help is therapuetic, and necessary, and I feel brave enough to tell each and every one of you that.)

6: rooms painted.

7:  rooms to be painted (three are do-overs).

4: pieces of furniture I’m going to order from Phillips Furniture this week; two couches, and two leather chairs to ensure our seating areas are useful, comfortable, and attractive.  Oh, and above all, are not boring but pretty to look at for us who live here and also those who visit and make this house so fun for us to host in.

3: times in three weeks Brian has been messing with the leaves in the yard.  Rrriiiiiccckkk next door really needs to get out and do some yard work because he’s ruining our lawn mojo.

149:  holes (craters) that have been spackled, sanded, and prepped to paint over in the plaster walls of this house.

3:  hours I spent cleaning the basement (living area and storage area alike).

1:  time I’ve been locked out with my purse in the house, and car safely in the garage with the door down.  That was neat.

15:  loads of laundry done in the past two weeks.

2.5:  hours of ironing I did today to make up for the past four weeks of house limbo.  I felt much better after that.

2:  sets of curtains hung in our bedroom to keep the insanely bright light out in the mornings when I’m trying to sleep in. It’s my one gift to myself…sleeping in on the weekends, that is.

19:  days I’ve been waking up with a racing heart and pounding chest.  Let’s hope that stops soon.

1:  brilliant husky puppy named Harper who has done beautifully during the move, and respecting being outside without a leash and doing his business behind the fence so we don’t have to clean it up from the unincorporated woodsy area that backs up to our house.

2:  Bank of America employees that were essentially awful, and while I haven’t gotten my follow-up survey to rate their customer service, you better bet your bottom dollar that I’m going assault Bank of America with my rhetoric.  If it’s one thing I can do well, it’s write a curt letter.

5:  car caravan that took all the small boxes and basement stuff from one house to the next in record time one Wednesday night.  An assembly line at its best.  We were loaded and unloaded in less than two hours and enjoying some Affton Cafe shortly thereafter.  Thank you to those that helped, and to EVERYONE who has helped us get to this point of feeling at home.

More befores and afters to come, but some may take some time with the new furniture coming in, and actually hanging stuff on the walls.  Just know I’m considering this my biggest work in progress and I’m excited to design this house with careful thought and style.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!  Come see us if you’re in the neighborhood!

first family portrait at the new house - moving day!