A December engagement.


My darling and dear friend Jillian became engaged before Christmas (and a month later here are the pictures)!  I was able to capture a few moments of the happy night and the party that followed Reed putting a ring on it.  It was a wonderful night of close friends and family gathered to celebrate Reed and Jillian’s engagement – hands down one of the best spontaneous dinner and cocktail parties I’ve ever been to.  I can’t wait for their beautiful October nuptials and all the excitement she and Reed will encounter in these busy months!  Love you both!

Creepily gathering outside Reed's house to surprise Jillian when the signal was given - ring is now on the finger. We approached the front door, cameras in hand.

In we come! Surprise! You're engaged and we're throwing you a party!

The Stanley sisters, admiring and loving the surprise, and the stunning engagement ring Reed designed for Jillian.

Carol, admiring the blingy bling bling.

Congrats to the betrothed! Reed & Jillian

Gathering in the pantry, admiring the maps, post-speech from Reed.

Dad and daughter glances - this one is probably my favorite.

Those lovely Stanley ladies (and one Bruggen). Oh, and Stephani and Elisa in the back. :)

Jills and Em, enjoying the night.

My pal Jillian and I - so excited for her and her new fiance!