Busy doesn’t really describe the weeks that have passed since Christmas; you may have noticed the radio silence on the blog as a result.  That makes me sad, because buying and selling houses are two of the normal things adults deal with – it just so happens we are doing them simultaneously and the not-talking-about-it has felt superstitious and cautious.  I’ve vowed to be a little more reserved in sharing my personal business in general, but being quiet about something very normal is taking its toll.

Officially I hereby state Brian and I have accepted a contract on a new home and also our current house with just 10 days between the two closings.  Meaning we have two weekends in that time to get all moved in, paint some initial rooms that we can complete easily, and do some pre-move-in work like installing can lights in the den and kitchen.  Oh, and to refinish the cabinets before I go putting all my dishwashed dishes in them.  (Just three short weeks until I have a diswasher full time!)

I don’t want to bore everyone with the ins and outs, but the the paperwork you must gather is simply exhausting now that the lending requirements have tightened.  We have divided and conquered with me in charge of the financial work and Brian in charge of the inspection side with slim to none hiccups in the process (other than the typical negotiating and nail-biting that accompanies it).  We’re agreeing on the plans and what we want to negotiate.  It’s.  Almost.  Over.  Thank.  God.

Aside from the formal logisitics, my brain and stomach have not stopped churning in anticipation and anxiety about getting everything done.  We are so very fortunate that we are in the situation we’re in, but that doesn’t mean my inner over-analyzer hasn’t been working full-time since we decided to purchase our new place. I’ve picked and re-picked furniture, paint colors, light fixutres, and the order of which I’m going to do all of this so many times I’ve lost count.  This cycle is ridiculous because as my good pal Jillian said to me, “a house is work in progress”.  (She has a good way of calming me down.)  My sweet husband also says this, and it’s probably time I start taking everyone’s advice and words of wisdom to heart.  I think the worst part is just waiting to move and waiting to decorate and wanting it to all look great right off the bat.  It’s what keeps me up at night despite how unrealistic it really is.

As for the progress of the two houses, we’re almost done with the inspection process on both (including repairs) and all seems to be good on the financial side.  Just a few more things to finalize.  It’s all in the details, as they say, but I’m officially giving an open invitation to anyone who wants to know more to just email me.  If you’re considering selling your house or buying a new one in this market, I’m your gal.  I will tell you that yes, we did “price our home to sell” and it seems to have made all the difference considering it was only on the market for four weeks.  During the holidays in the dead of winter.  We’ll consider this a big win but we’re still praying (yes, praying) with cautious optimism that  our closing dates will come and go with no surprises or letdowns.  All seems to be in order but it’s hard to shake the feeling of “what if this all falls through?!”.  That’s also adding to the anxiousness and never-ending stomachache that I presume will last until February 22.

Stay tuned for pics of the place and descriptions of my initial plans to redecorate.  Whew…I feel better.