a buyer’s market.

There has been quite a lot going on in my life, and subsequently in Brian’s life as well.  Let’s start with, “no, we are not expecting a baby”.  Hold your horses, everyone.

In the spirit of perhaps one day expecting a baby (not a velociraptor) in the next couple of years (and also just knowing when it’s time to move to something with more space), we are making a joint step forward as we have put a contract (and it has been accepted) on what we hope will become our second home.  Our little cottage is officially going on the market this week.  Buyers, come hither!

I can give everyone the answers you’re probably seeking…..ready, set, go!

1.  I know I just clarified the baby question just a few moments ago, but I will reiterate – we are not currently expecting a new baby Schaeffer on the way, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t carefully preparing for one to join us in the next few years.

2.  “But you realize you’ll have two mortgages for a while if your current house doesn’t sell?”  Yes.  We do realize that.  We are gluttons for punishment.

2.  With those plans of a baby Schaeffer someday, we need more space.  Not only for a baby and all the stuff that comes with those little buggers (so I hear), but for guests should they want to stay with us.  Space for our loot, space to entertain our friends and family, and space to make some of those “want-to” improvements that will make our next home pretty rad for us and our guests.  Space for Brian to fully display all of his neon bar lights, guitars, and drums.  More on that in #4.

3.  We’ve found that one shining place we’d like to call home, but we remain anxious and nervous about the finalities until it closes.  We are both so excited about the location, the house, the backyard (and front yard for that matter), and the potential upgrades and finishing touches that will reflect Brian’s and my personal style in this house when we can make it ours.  Frankly, we can’t wait to start working on our dreamy plans.

4.  Until we are sure that we won’t jinx things, all I’m willing to show is the front of the house.  More pictures to come as we go from “before” to “after” with some of our changes.  It’s a three bedroom ranch house with a wet bar in the basement.  I mean, what else do you need to know…WET BAR.  With wood paneling throughout the entire basement!  But seriously though, it’s a pretty neat house and we’re excited for the possibilities in this new and awesome neighborhood.  We’re going to paint over the wood paneling.  Ignore the Christmas decorations…we didn’t ask for the lighted train in the contract.

5.  In the meantime, please let anyone know if they’re looking for a 2bd/1ba brick home with a new roof and new windows that your friends have this charming brick cottage for sale, perfect for someone/a couple who wants to host some backyard parties and wants to feel safe in a nice neighborhood.  The fire department is a stone’s throw away and if that’s not a perk, I don’t know what is.

6.  We have gotten wonderful support from our families and friends while we’ve been quietly hunting and making this possibly the most stressful Christmas on record of my adult life.  We have such good timing!  Thank you to those who encouraged us and understand that we’re getting a hell of  a deal in a neighborhood that I have been dreaming about for quite some time in this buyer’s market.  If things go well, some interested buyer will feel the same about our current house real quick-like.  We are hoping for the best as we now work to sell the first place we called “home” together.  Bittersweet, anxiety-filled, and exciting at the same time.  Hallelujah…holy shit.  Where’s the Tylenol.

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  1. So, what you are saying is that I can get hammered at McGurk’s and have my own room instead of the couch? Yes! AND…are you telling me that I can see some buffalo from your awesome new back yard? AND….are you saying that I’m going to have to start saving for 12 baby showers? Congrats to both of you. Enjoy the process.

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