moonlighting? perhaps…

Lately I’ve had a flurry (yes, a flurry) of requests for family photos.  This humbles me because these requests have been solely based on trust that I can produce something that doesn’t suck.  These people have seen that I can take a mean picture of some trees.

Family portraiture isn’t something I’m extremely experienced in aside from the countless snapshots during the holidays, Grant’s Farm outings, HollerDay, etc.  But, I figured I’d give it a shot.  A portfolio of good examples that people will pay for doesn’t build itself.  Luckily for me, these trusted friends and family needed some Christmas card pictures, gifts, and some updated family portraits since the last ones they had taken had everyone clad in head-to-toe denim.  True story.

More on a blossoming photography business to come…I’m not quite ready to release to the masses.  A “kacey schaeffer photography” ordering site and hopefully a camera upgrade for me is in store for 2012 and it was a feeling of braveness that overcame me to even share that much. (Business name suggestions are welcomed…bird is the word photography?  kschaefphotography?  bird snaps?  I just can’t decide.)

Without further ado, here are some of the good shots I was able to get from quite possibly the coolest and most unassuming buildings I have ever photographed.  Cue shameless plug for me to get much better and someday be your choice for your photography needs so I can quit my day job.  (wink)

This is obviously not a family shot, but it's pretty interesting the things you find in small towns while taking family pictures.

more crazy, out-of-service grain pipes.

the happy Hall family.

one of my favorites of this bunch.

i smell Christmas card.

finally....a hint of a smile.

it only took 15 minutes for him to become a ham.

Most recently I did a family portrait shoot for a good friend.  These are proof that sometimes a grey day is a more interesting backdrop for photos, and maybe most importantly, sisterly love is a journey of headlocks, kidney punches and leg sweeps.  Here are a few:

Kev + Ang


leg sweep.

oh hey.

an ode to that special time in the 2000's when senior pictures with your car was cool. or your horse, in my case. real cool either way. this photo is a joke - please no one assume I'm serious with this one.

Instead of critiquing these to death (as I’ve already spent several hours doing, so please be gentle), I’ll just acknowledge my subjects – you guys were second to none.  I had fun and I hope you did too!

Seriously though, if you’re needing some pictures taken, give me a buzz.  I’d be happy to.

3 thoughts on “moonlighting? perhaps…

  1. these are great! you really captured our sisterly bond and most importantly, provided some drastically improved scheuneman family photos.
    although who doesn’t love a family dressed in full denim?

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