hollerday iii, shenanigans, and guns.

For the third out of four years, I gathered some friends and trekked to my hometown of Higginsville, Missouri last weekend for the annual Hollerday event.  There were a lot of firsts for some (first time to shoot a gun, to get on a horse, and to spin in the air at 40-50mph in a track hoe bucket, what have you…); mainly we just had a really great day.

I never realized how many people weren’t accustomed to the smell of a corn harvest (which is one of my favorites).  It’s these trips that remind me of how special Fall can be in the country and how neat it is to see production agriculture working in front of you.

I was so pleased to take some of my friends from St. Louis and show them how fun it can be getting dusty on some dirt roads (although some were already quite familiar).  Some of my favorite pics are below of the past several farm excursions we’ve had over the past two months.  Please enjoy as I have:


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  1. omg. Could Parker BE any cuter?! Also, tiny little pig butts! Are you kidding me!? I can’t believe I missed all of this- I almost cried at these pictures. And I like Rachel’s bangs.

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