pasta carbonara.

I suppose it’s a little redundant doing a food post on a Pioneer Woman recipe, but just go with it.  I was cooking a little pasta carbonara last night from this recipe, and while this guest blogger of the Pioneer Woman took some lovely photos, I wanted to use my new reflector-flash-stopper-type-thing.  Below is what came of it.  For the record, I think they’re a touch dark, I could’ve cooked the bacon longer, and I probably should’ve used less onion because I’m not an onion fan.  I prefer onions and tomatoes prepared the same way – chopped and minced up so fine that I can’t see any chunks because the chunks remind me what I’m eating.  I’m an odd duck, I suppose.

Anywho, here’s the good stuff:

1lb of bacon cooked, linguine boiling, and onions simmering in the bacon goodness. i can't wait for a beautiful six-burner gas stove someday.

added the garlic to the simmering whole white onion in the bacon goodness. (note that this was too much onion for me; could've used half.)

mmmm....bacon. chopped up into half-inch pieces.

the rest of the ingredients: four eggs, parsely, chicken stock, white wine, butter and cheese. so healthy.

four eggs.

parsely and parm added to the eggs.

mixing the eggs, parm, and parsely.

mixing in the pasta, bacon, onions, cheesy goodness with eggs, and garlic. the hot noodles cook the eggs.

the final dish. brian even ate leftovers....which never happens. good stuff!

And last but not least, I had a fantastic package arrive today that I have been waiting several years for.  I finally bought some Hunter boots and I could not be more excited to wear them at every turn.  Why did I wait so long, one might ask?  Because they were expensive, mainly.  Nonetheless, super jazzed to have my very own pair.  And yes, I instagrammed this because it’s what all the cool kids are doing.