foo fighters. in st. louis.

It’s taken me a week to fully recover from the awesomeness that was the Foo Fighters show last weekend.  We spent last Saturday afternoon in Hermann with our good friends Chris and Jenny, ensuring that we were primed and ready for three full hours dancing and singing at the top of our lungs.  I happened to sit next to the only two people who weren’t on their feet the entire show and I’m pretty sure they hated me by the end of it.  Can’t say I lost any sleep over their lack of enthusiasm.  I was too busy being the most excited fan there.

I’m no music critic (I leave that to my handsome brother-in-law Chris and you can find his work in the Riverfront Times) but the Foo Fighters show was honestly the best concert I’ve ever seen in my 28 years.  They rocked for three hours to a packed house and it was sofuckingawesomeandtherearenotenoughwordstodescribeit.

Instead of trying to recount the playlist (the encore of Dave in the middle of the arena playing Everlong accoustic was a personal favorite part of the night but the video below of “Best of You” is pretty great too), I’ll just share some of my favorite pictures from what has to be one of my most favorite Saturdays of 2011.

using my new reflector at Hermanoff.

this thumbs up was completely by coincidence. but jenny approves.

it's like the wooden guy is on to Chris's photo bomb.

we had to get back for the foo fighters show! so we finished the wine on the way while the boys drove us responsibly.

d.g. front and center.

a packed house.

Now that you’re all tired of hearing about my love for the Foo Fighters and especially Dave Grohl, I’ll work on limiting my posts to about them and work on some other stuff.  I just had to experience the concert to get my fill; you understand.  Stay tuned for some pretty pictures of the amazing pasta carbonara that I made last night, and Hollerday III is on the horizon!