prepping for Fall.

There’s something about the start of the school year that makes me want to read books and have bundles of sharpened pencils around the house.  In fact, I have seven books waiting for me on my nightstand that I hope to read before 2012 rolls around.  Wish me luck.  That’s only a portion of the stuff I wanted to accomplish before September.

One of my Summer goals was to finish redoing the office/my closet/sitting room.  School started last week and it’s not done.  The reason I know school started is because traffic on 270 went from an easy commute to the seventh circle of hell in just a few days.  So far I’ve got the setup pretty organized but there is still a lot to hang on the walls to complete the look and feel that I was going for.  Still need some curtains too.  Maybe in this fabric.

July and August went by like a tornado – the six-day trip to Nashville for work didn’t help any; daily work in itself has been rather stressful lately.   We’ve also been gone several of the past weekends for camping, family celebrations, and this past weekend Brian and I did a massive clean of our little cottage.  I’m talking about moving furniture, sanitizing and waxing the hardwood floors, and ridding the ceiling fans of (gasp!) at least a year of dust.  Oh, and I can’t even tell you how nice it was to rid the house of dog hair, if only for a few precious hours.

I have been going a little stir crazy with our decor around the house so I took advantage of this massive clean to reorganize my green cabinent and the glass block windows in the living room.  To make up for my lack of posts this past month, these next few photos should  show you what I’ve done to the place, and keep in mind that I have yet to get all my Fall stuff out…which will hopefully happen this weekend.  I’m ready for some cooler temps and I believe that by decorating early, they will come sooner than later.

the empty antique green bookcase

empty glass windows, once home to several glass hurricanes.

left window, home to my precious Harry Potters.

the right window. yes, those are Twilight books.

a less cluttered top of the bookcase. those wood candles are the bomb!

the full case, with some albums on top, and a slew of hurricanes below. more decor in that to come with the Fall goodies.