closing the books on year 27.

I remember this time last year being filled with wedding madness and not much time for any reflection.  For some reason, 28 seems a lot older and in the past year, I’ve had some amazing things happen. I feel it only appropriate to pay some attention to those things.  I haven’t done a list in a while, so here’s a list that covers some of the high points of year 27 as it came to a close this week (and by no means is this everything):

1.  I got married.  To the kindest, loving, overall best guy I know.  That, by far, takes the cake of awesome things that happened as a 27 year old.

2.  Harper learned to swim.  He’s not a huge fan of it.   But will participate with coaxing (from us) and wimpering (from him).

this picture was taken immediately before harper bolted to shore.

thank god, the shore!

3.  Brian and I got to take not one, but TWO honeymoons – one to Seattle and San Juan Island, and also to celebrate the Michael wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  We don’t plan on stopping the traveling anytime soon either.  Next up – perhaps Colorado again and maybe Washington, D.C.  I want to see all the good Smithsonian stuff.  Night at the Museum – Battle for the Smithsonian clearly had an effect on me.

seattle public market and the luck pig.

on the snorkeling cruise. best activity of the trip.

4.  I got really super duper stressed at work.  And then I sought some help.  Now I feel better with the help I received in the form of some counseling and medication (and I recommend anyone to do the same if they’re having a hard time figuring stuff out on their own).  Oh, and I got a new boss and became not so unhappy to go to work in the morning.  And my coworkers are the cat’s pajamas.  It’s been challenging and rewarding.  Just get me through the next two weeks and I’ll feel much better.

5.  I got to meet my sweet nephew Matthew when I was 27.  I love this kid, and I think he loves his Aunt Kacey too.  Hopefully Claire and Ben bring a few more of those cutie-pies into the family sooner than later.

Matty...locally raised is more like it.

6.  Even better, Brian and I got to be in on the great secret that his sister and her family (including Matthew) were moving home.  We helped organize the suprise, and didn’t even have to help them move!  As I’ve mentioned, Claire and I are basically the same person, so it’s pretty great to have the entire family home in St. Louis.  Especially Ben…

the LeGrand's in their new crib in U. City.

7.  I had the a fantastic opportunity to take some photography lessons with my wedding photographer.  While I hope they continue into year 28, I learned quite a bit from the several shooting exercises and sessions we did with our small group.  Some of those pics can be found here.  I am excited to take this little hobby a bit further….more on that to come in year 28.  Meaning soon.  I’m also doing a Photoshop and Illustrator class through work, so personal development is going to be clutch in year 28.

8.  Growing tired of what the office room in our house has become, I started to remodel.  And I will tell you – it’s taking me some time.  I’m aiming for a slightly feminine vintage, yet industrial and functional space that has an aire of dressing room and functional office since my giant Pottery Barn desk isn’t going anywhere for the time being.  Most people don’t try to combine the two.  But, this kind of project has been fun because I’m spending a lot of time finding the objects that I really love and tie the room together cohesively.  Like this rug.  And possibly curtains in this fabric.  I also reupholstered (by this awesome reupholsterer in South City) the antique chair of my mom’s (seen below) because it just deserved to be redone and enjoyed again (before and after).  I will definitely document the change once it’s complete.  I’m hoping by the end of September.

the before - this chair originates from the late 60's. or so i recall.

the after - i had the chair completely redone with new cushioning and new grommets in the seat back. it rocks, which is the coolest feature. i will rock baby schaeffer's in this, and NO, that is not an announcement.

9.  I’ve gained some new girlfriends that I can say ridiculously honest things to and they still love me for it.  You guys….I so appreciate what you bring to my life.  And as for those friends Brian and I spend a lot of our time with, I hope you know how special you are and how stinking awesome you’ve been to us in the past year.  I’m sorry, but you’re stuck with us.

the schaeffer's and michael's - this is just one example of the people we adore. there are dozens more so please don't be offended if i don't put pictures of each of your faces.

10.  I had several firsts with my Mom during year 27.  These are significant to me because they are things I really enjoy that she hadn’t gotten to experience yet – a trip to Grant’s Farm, a Cardinals game, and a weekend at the lake with my sisters and I which just occurred last weekend.  I am so happy to spend that time with her.  Not to mention my silly sisters who make me giggle every time we’re together.

In fact, this entire year has been pretty great to spend with both sides of my crazy family.  I’ve enjoyed myself thoroughly.

five rows from the field would make a person smile this big. :)

As I said, these are just a few of the memorable things that helped make my 27th year so great.  I just know 28 will bring some growth for Brian and I as we head into year two of marriage and learning to truly balance one another, our careers, friends, and our family.  I’m four days in, and doing pretty well so far.  Lots to catch up on – stay tuned.