by the numbers: punta cana, d.r.

There’s not enough time tonight for me to fully describe the 10 day trip of which we just returned from.  I wouldn’t be doing it justice.  However, I have to write about it while it’s still fresh on my mind.  This calls for a “by the numbers” post, and I figure that one of those has been due for a while anyway.

This trip was so incredibly special and fun, and it was so wonderful to not only take full advantage of a “five-nights-alone-time-in-the-Caribbean” honeymoon, but to celebrate the wedding of two of our dearest friends – Chris and Jenny Michael.  There was a lot to experience about the Dominican culture (and mosquito farms), a lot of laughing with our friends, and of course, a few minor injuries for me to incur.  As they say in the D.R., it was muy bien.

In no particular order:

451:  Photos I took while on the trip.

240:  Photos that I actually kept and am working on editing.

5: Nights we stayed here.

4:  Nights we stayed here, and also where the Michael nuptials took place.

23:  Mosquito bites that I acquired on the arch of my left foot alone.

89:  A rough estimate of how many mosquito bites that were elsewhere on my body – legs, feet, arms, back, and even my neck.  Apparently, I am a mosquito magnet.

2:  Injuries that occurred – one was an accidental collision with Brian’s forehead and the bridge of my nose which bruised and luckily didn’t break, and ripping a large gash in my right foot where my big toe meets the rest of my foot.  Probably should’ve had stitches, but I had little faith in the medical system there.

175:  Emails I returned to once I opened my computer today.

2:  Insanely relaxing massages I had over the 10 day vacation.

2:  Massages that I definitely needed.

18:  Presidente Lights (Dominican beer that was DELICIOUS) Brian and I consumed the 2nd day of our trip by the pool.

3:  Bottles of wine Brian and I proceeded to drink the rest of that evening.

4:  Days that went by before I touched wine again.  But when I did, it was so nice to be reunited.

1:  Full bottle of sunscreen we went through.

2:  Full bottles of bug spray we went through, but those Domincan mosquitoes are mutants, and are immune to bug spray.  Those bastards.

30:  Minutes I snorkled without a life vest on the booze cruise.  I was exhausted but it was awesome!

60:  Minutes we rode horses on the beach, courtesy of the Zoetry.

60:  Minutes we all felt really terrible for riding these poor horses that were skin and bones.  Brian’s actually laid down prior to starting the ride.  Not a good sign…

1/4:  Miles that we rode the horses on the actual road, which was terrifying.

3:  Pairs of sunglasses I took on the trip and didn’t lose!

28:  Times I heard the phrase coined by Dan Bettlach, “thanks for shopping”.

1:  Set of bridal makeup that I applied.  I must say – it did look really beautiful on the bride.

3:  Days that it rained the majority of the day.   Good thing we brought some dvd’s to snuggle in and watch as the tropical rain poured.

1:  Couple we encountered on the plane to the D.R. that wanted to talk to EVERYONE on the plane.  I’m not a plane-talker.

2:  Books I finished during the trip.

6:  Benadryls I’ve taken since we got home Sunday night (two hours later than we had hoped due to a weather diversion on our flight).  The itching won’t subside!  I look like I have chicken pox.

2:  Times we had to move rooms due to air conditioning issues.  Which was a bummer, but at both places we were content with the new digs.  One of which had a private plunge pool. Who’s that hurtin’?

3:  Times I cried during the trip – once during the father/daughter dance (it gets me every time), once when I ripped my foot open, and once back at the hotel room in continuation of dealing with my foot.  All legitimate reasons, mainly.

3:  People that came away from the wedding reception with foot injuries, the worst being a broken foot.  We were a hot, sweaty, mess.

1:  Entire (nearly) wedding party (with guests) that jumped in the pool post-reception, including the bride.  And it felt AWESOME because we were all sweating bullets.

2,832:  Amazing memories of this trip that I will have as long as my brain allows.  Thank you to Chris and Jenny for hosting us.  We wish you the most happiness and love your hearts can handle.

1:  More reception for the newest newlyweds I know that will take place at…..drumroll…..MCGURKS!  Can’t wait, friends!

My favorite pictures to come..

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  1. Woah! Day two makes ME feel tipsy just reading about it! Glad you all had a great time, and glad you are home!

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