“I’ve got, two tickets to paradise…”

So here we are. In the Dominican Republic.  Past the amazing taxi ride that included a version of “Two tickets to Paradise” in the Hyndai stick shift van that picked us up.  That we heard twice on repeat.  I credit Bejulio (our driver) for that.  He also deserves credit for swiftly maneuvering the winding roads, not hitting the several people on mopeds or just standing on the side of the roads, and passing the trucks filled with natives (pictures to come).

Thank goodness we brought the Skin & Bones Foo Fighters dvd that has been our background music whenever we’ve been in the room (because we have an unhealthy obsession with the entire band). So far we’ve enjoyed the 16 Presidente Lights that were served to us at the pool, and also the few that were stocked in our mini bar.  And the delicious blanco wine (2 bottles)  that we’ve killed from the wine fridge.

So here we are.   Second honeymoon and all.  Loving Foo Fighters (and each other) as we go.  Off do dinner, then most likely going to a moonlight walk on the beach to see if we can find some crabbers. I’m totally to blame for not bringing headlamps, but we’ll do the best we can. Wish you all were with us.  xoxo.